Eruption and Friction.

A well manicured lawn.
a stretch of green with a shine
looking like a green carpet
with no designs but plain
plain throughout without
ups and downs or bumps and flats
pleasing to the eyes
giving to the eyes a pleasant treat wise
as the eyes have been always seeing
concrete structures tall and high
without anything green around
as all the trees and plants have been felled down
to host the tall sky scrapers in the bound
presenting a lifeless idiom of mechanism
with tall high risers installing air conditioners on each floor
getting high and high is a process
stifling to the environment on whole
as it has to bear all the structural weight
without any sharing as sizes broad would give a spread out
and be less taxing leaving the Mother earth in an equal balanced gravity
whilst the floors over floors images (9)pressure the land
more and more to a situation
when it could tolerate no more
but burst angrily like a furious volcano