impostors. Poetry


the financial world commands

there are few demands

art and learning

sculpture and painting

concern not with monetary ethics

they wish to rely on aesthetics

most not understand the sensitivity

they are drawn towards the economics

the deals  of buy and sell  in gross

with that of profit and loss

ascertain a grand entry into society

they walk with an imperial virtuosity

there are few others  in the community

who ape and end up sordidly

pose as great men with interests diverse

little they know how their proportions work inversely

ignorant of the delicacies of art

they  talk about money from the start

such men are a threat to mankind

impostors  in all manner and kind.impostors

Poetry squeeze

A Ceremony

It is a ceremony
could it be a matrimony
seeks an alimony
a negotiation ensues
unpleasantness cruises
it prolongs for days
demands indemand all possible ways
escapes the decorum
sets in a quorum
with a memorandum
and articles in a forum
the elegance is lost
eloquence lasts
that be the ceremony in place
squeezed into a limited space.


Broken Strings.

The society in which we live
The people with whom we live.
The environment which keeps us.
The nature that leads us
raise demands small or big
Having to honour the demands
we have to make things work
by making up the mind
which at times refuses
to cajole the heart along
which puts forth the ups and downs
listening to both in need
and having to go with the creed
creates a gravity unable to hold.
It leads to a burst of emotions
and a barrage of controversies
rendering broken strings
To tie them up together need steps severe.forbrokenstrings

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Life Is To Give.

Life is to give out liberally.

It is not a reciprocal take strictly.

Live without any expectations nearly.

Life is beautiful with tremendous potentiality.


A child is a gift of God.

She has to grow up with a nod.

It is her life be it odd.

The way to live is her prod.


It is the parental duty to bring her up .

Affection and discipline make her reach high up.

Tending to her is an interesting close up.

No more should be expected than this one up.


Be that with your children more so.

The same holds good with your parents also.

It should be the principle in your life ever so.

Expecting nothing from anybody for whatever so.


Content is King goes the saying generally.

It is for a different context say you smilingly.

To me it is contentment that precedes  others normally.

It is a special enthusiasm that evolves gracefully.









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The Concept Of Religion.

Is religion anything to be afraid of?

Does it hold anything to be scared of?

It is a puzzle that keeps us off.


A blind follow of religion is common,

Any question is considered uncommon,

Religious calls are like summons.


Believers have different convictions,

Some say it is superstition,

Others express it as hallucination.


Well, things go about like that,

The best interpretation of religion is flat,

It says , occupation is religion, with a bat.


Business is an occupation,

It proposes a clean transaction,

Indeed, it is a positive perception.


Governance is a challenge,

It demands a balance in a range,

Incidentally it is a plausible change.


Professionals have to be sincere,

Their vocation commands high revere,

Likely it is  trait of great endear.


Each one has his own duty

The  predicament is itself a beauty,

Cumulatively this is religion in its glory.












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Demand And Delay

As the demand is  high

Delay is  more.

So goes the cry,

Affecting the core.



Craving calls for instantaneous,

It compels an immediate,

But there is an erroneous,

Unexpected tardiness right.



Desire commands an impromptu,

It wishes to achieve fast,

But there is a de-facto,

Lethargic reluctance  cast.



We  should   strive to set  in motion,

A powerful momentum,

Of  speed and notion,

To   indulge in a  strong dictum.



To appease a  lawful demand,

There should be a  quorum,

Which should reprimand,

The  trespassing forum.



To  obtain the birthright,

There should be no  hurdle

As that of the executor’s  right,

Supported by the solicitor’s   doodle.



There seems to be a probable

Cohesion of executor and lawyer,

To grab the  beneficiary’s reliable,

Share and  properties  entire.



Law and governance should  admonish,

The  corrupt lawyer and wicked executor

By focussing on image tarnish,

And locking them before the prosecutor.


This may sound little away,

As it looks more personal,

But this happens in a sway,

Blinking on us like  irrational.



There  is no logical reason,

But wicked manoeuvering,

Loaded with cynicism and treason,

Creating a loathsome  bickering.