The Society

The society at large
is in a rage
affected by the discriminations
that carry distinctions
one of caste and creed
which is found in every breed
fascinates at the beginning
disturbs in the ending
that of colour and status
fair it appears in the start
ruthless it turns in the finalMM_Orc part
another of capacity and intelligence
thrill does it in the initial
disturb at the terminal
also accommodates a complacency
seems to be an accomplishment
recognises as an achievement
this is the one that finally
succeeds and glitters eventually.


Being Born Have To Die

Sauntering up and down

with the frame of  work

that be going in the mind

for a long time down the years

as how to complete the task

being nothing very imminent

but getting important

with the years advancing

as how to fulfill the mission

that not be very noble

holding no virtues

that of being born as a human

wish to be of some use to the community

not want to die

as one who was born

has to die  a phenomenon

natural and practical too

wanting to be little different

as to be of little help to the people around

never having tried so far

now aiming to do in quick

not knowing what to do

sit pensive for long

deliberating the way to perform.Michael-Rutzen_1-full_1


The Service I Render,

With a curious mind 

and a regular writing

I do things  with reckoning

that call for attention

seeing some hazard not permissible

where the environment

faces danger and destruction

I am up in arms not literally

taking my pen with a speed

as the pen being my weapon

my face not being known

I go about in this world

reforming a little in a way

a fair share of my participation

coming out of the eventuality

soon come the vigilance

setting right the damage

being my writing contribution to society

from which I have gained much

a small rectification to the city

which has given me place to live

so far and so forth all through

I do a little by way of service

though not much to the world

which remains the pivotal point

which stands with open arms

embracing the good and bad



Know A Doctor.

Knowing a doctor
not with a degree on research
but an ordinary doctor
a medical practitioner
who made big money
not in his country
but across the seas
Wonder how he made
as he knows little of injection
nothing else than this instrumentation
but he minted money
how I still keep thinking?
as he being very mediocre
and very superficial in his subject
having no skill whatsoever
perhaps the stars did favour him
as he entered the country
at the right moment
when it had a dearth
of medical men.
Anyhow he has made money
but he remains a personality
bereft of good intention
and not able to climb up in
society’s eye however much he triesdoctor
with his acts of patronage
and philanthropy at large.


Broken Strings.

The society in which we live
The people with whom we live.
The environment which keeps us.
The nature that leads us
raise demands small or big
Having to honour the demands
we have to make things work
by making up the mind
which at times refuses
to cajole the heart along
which puts forth the ups and downs
listening to both in need
and having to go with the creed
creates a gravity unable to hold.
It leads to a burst of emotions
and a barrage of controversies
rendering broken strings
To tie them up together need steps severe.forbrokenstrings

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TheTrauma Of Being A Woman.

Gender still holds preference.

Male has a high predominance.

Female  holds a low reference.


Family  considers boys as  precious gift.womandiscrimination

Girls  are deemed as absolute pressure.

The distinction is  found in every measure.


Schools  give importance to boys.

The girls excel in performance.

Even so they fall back in prominence.


The male oriented society  perceives different.

Men are  physically strong and daring.

Women look frail and fearing.


Man take the upper hand all throughout.

Their decisions they ascribe pave the way to  progress.

They push down the woman into  a  breathless repress.


The fairer sex   seeks  recognition.

Their workings are mostly without  blemish.

Yet their image gets tarnished.


Tarnished they live. in anguish.

Their thoughts suffer a damage.

Their body succumbs to a  hemorrhage.


The world  has gone through a revolution,

Economy has changed to a global  symposium

Sex till today implicates a  feverish delirium.


The women face violence at every juncture.

Brutal rapes are becoming a common fixture.

The devastation of young girls calls for a biblical texture.













Socializing in Society

Society forms the world community,

Social denotes the  friendly quality,

Sociality depicts  the interactive tendency,

Socializing illustrates  an associating activity.


The philosophy  of sociality is analytic,

The perception of society has different relativity,

The reasoning of  socializing is distinct in compatibility,

Expanding to all notches of society.


Too much indulgence in sociability,

Exposes a gullible vulnerability,

Too great an anti social activity,

Labels a  perilous incredibility.
Liberal society engages greatly,

Enjoying freedom in all adaptability,

Experiencing a redundancy above the capacity

Finally succumbing to the extra indignity.


A proposal  in society needs a strong sustainability,

Any  move in socializing should be based on a  firm integrity,

A socialist  requires a staunch humility,

That go to enhance the conduct of society.










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Abusing Society.

A society  is a group of humans.It is an economic, social, industrial infrastructure made up of a varied multitude of individuals.There is a subtle difference between society and culture.. Society is a disciplined arrangement of social relations, while culture is made up of beliefs and symbolic forms.

The distinction  in various  classes of  society, the disharmony in behaviour of  a different strata of society , that of the powerful and the powerless, rich and the poor, the discrimination of old and young, the alienation of the physically challenged  pose an abusive threat to society.

A  news clipping of a Passport issuing officer’s misuse of  her authority is amazing and nauseating at the same time.. She makes Rs  5millionper month ,by issuing emergency passports under the Tatkal scheme,  forming a nexus with a travel agent . She runs a parallel office in her home.The  CEO is  her husband, a nephew, of a Minister.This reflects the abuse of bureaucracy.

The next issue ,is the arrest of the former chairman of a nationalised bank, for sanctioning a loan to the most undeserving customer. The Chairman, it is rumoured acted on the behest of a powerful politician, now dead.It is an incident of a  thorough misuse of the high office

 The third episode is a most interesting. The highly melodramatic event stunt is the fasting schedule of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. He motored to the Marina , in the early hours , was wheeled to the portals of the Anna Samadhi. There was hushed buzz and a swished bustle. He was followed by his wife, his mistress, his paramour, his daughters, sons and nephews, along withe the batch of officials , all assembling at the wee hours , as the Chief minister is to undertake  fast against the military excess of the Sri Lankan government. A cosy cot was rolled over, and the Chief minister was placed in the bed, with his near and dear ones hovering over him. News flashed all over the state. His party men made similar feat in all major cities and towns. Television channels brought live relay  and in a matter of six hours , the chief minister has ended his fast, as the Central government prevailed over its counterpart to stop the war.What a colossal waste of money, time , energy and  abuse of administrative machinery .This is an outrageous attempt to brandish the super power wrested on the Chief Minister.

These are the most recent incidents that created a cumbersome apprehension  and a strangling evidence  that mar the society, corrupt the mind and disenchant the society .


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Parties, Weddings,Functions

Parties feign ostentation. Money flows like wate. But nowadays  water resource is also limited. Unmindful spending , on the place, on the menu, on the gifts, on the decoration, on the reception , make one sad.We should deliver that Conservation is the theme of all practical endowments.

Most of our bretheren , live a very below the  line life,with minimum food and maximum trouble.We need not take such presumes, but can we not give a thought to their existence , while celebrating in a grandiose affluence?

Weddings should be performed in style, as the unification of two individuals, from entirely different background, from absolute differed path, cohere  into a single unit. The ceremony should not be a mere exhibition of wealth and splendour, but should propel a sobriety and  stage a solemn entreaty,

Functions ,in general ,work with great gusto, either it be a social, political or a corporate. The pompous display hides the purpose.  Most concerned preferences are shadowed by the extravaganza.The realistic approach is not to be tracked in  the so called conferences, conventions , confluences.All these hyper activities dissolve the essence of the events. In the end we walk away with practically no knowledge of the call, no experience of  participation. The vagueness is predominant,apart from the sumptuous food and socialising with the elite.

The extra energy, money, time and skill ,could be utilised for productive, progressive. and promotional fare. Let us give a thought to it.

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Rejoice Rebuffs Remorse.

Media,  made a significant contribution ,in publishing the news about Karanunidhi’s family ensemble.

They carried  a group photo of  estranged Marans  looking cheerful, with  brothers,Alagiri- Madurai chieftain appering  joyful , Stalin –  the sitting Minister heaving a sigh of relief   with father Karunanidhi beaming,and with   mother Dhayalu smiling.It was  virtually a perfect  disposition  of rejoice.

A beautiful photography,  giving expression to all  positive sentiments as proposed by the top family of Tamilnadu.

But the picture , lacked the most  required  gesture, that of remorse.

Three innocent lives of promising youngsters, was plucked by the  demonstrators devilish behaviour  at Dinakaran Office in Madurai, last June.

The parental grief, the anguish of the family, the  truama of  the brutal  beating  the three young men encountered,  while laying down their lives,  will never  be reported  by  the media.

The intensity will not be transcribed, will not be recorded, will not be brought to light , as they belong to ordinary folks, who  supported  their parents  and who earned  their livelihood by slogging in such demeaning offices.

 Remember ,as  splendour brings in harmony, grief too heralds unity.

The story of “The Three Bears” .  crossed my mind as,. I noticed.the  picture of these celebrities.Father bear, Mother Bear and the Baby bear, had a life of their own , away from the multitude, in  a make believe world of fantasy.

This  unusual reference, is brought in  , as a humorous  interlude to  heighten the emotional  impact by means of contrast.

Buddham saranam kachami , unwantedly  keeps on ringing in my ears, nagging my mind,  setting it to a discordant  upbeat.