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The World Of Words.

An Indian by birth

always  full of mirth

loves languages the best

now mostly at rest

likes to go on an adventure

not one of a physical venture

but that of a mental proposition

very kind in disposition

likes not to waste much

being brought up as such

a closeted person very reserved

her memories are preserved

lives a life very different and secluded

wishes to be out  in a way excluded

she lives thus in her own world

that be nothing other than words.


Poetry Pride

The Child

Birth be there
to wedded persons
a child.

Birth be there
to living together couple
a child.

Birth be there
by illicit relations
a child.

Birth be there
through estranged
a child.

For no fault on its own
goes through child-with-a-ball-vector-28192life in pride or humility
the child


Age Picks up.

Met a lady a few months back
from an origin distant
naturalised with years
now in her ripe age
who had hitherto
been a practitioner
of local customs
as she had got married into
an unknown family of distinct culture
she in her active years was
a stickler to the conventions
as age is picking up
hasKerala woman by now gone back
to her native dress
comfortable in her attire
at home to speak her own language
looks as though she finds
a solace and ease all through
implies that whatever might be
the home is always sweet and close.


Being Born Have To Die

Sauntering up and down

with the frame of  work

that be going in the mind

for a long time down the years

as how to complete the task

being nothing very imminent

but getting important

with the years advancing

as how to fulfill the mission

that not be very noble

holding no virtues

that of being born as a human

wish to be of some use to the community

not want to die

as one who was born

has to die  a phenomenon

natural and practical too

wanting to be little different

as to be of little help to the people around

never having tried so far

now aiming to do in quick

not knowing what to do

sit pensive for long

deliberating the way to perform.Michael-Rutzen_1-full_1


Travel I Do.

Being a pure vegetarian from birth
used up to home-made food for long
travelling did not bring much mirth,
Nothing much to eat all the way
and nothing like to eat in the cafe
I sit in a corner with an empty tray
during dining time very safe
with a fruit juice iced
seeing others enjoy the dinner
and eat all else not even fried
from egg to chicken not thinner
lambs to cows all grilled
pork to fish very much smellyfruit juice
all without any discount
make me feverish and disorient
so as days into traveling in the count
get tired and exhausted with disjoint
wishing to get back home at the best
as every time I decide in a hush
not to undertake excursions and take rest
but all times I break my vow in a crush
as the enthusiasm to see places
overwhelms and conquers in a rush
my otherwise low ebbing spirit in a chase.

Actions Poem

A Thought Born.

A peculiar thought it was.
Strange and different
a little quixotic too.

Had it come to mind
a few years ago
it would have seen the light.

Being little late
as years have lapsed
it has lost its relevance.’

Revelling on the preamble
than on the main part
I look strange.

It is a simple thought
very practical and easy
not born on the right time.

It is a crucial and important
if happened in the right moment
would have been a success.

Well, again,I am out of track
going in circles
not tapping the sore.

Yes Now I remember
it is a thought
that of birth.

True, it is I.
not born on right time
an unwanted born baby

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The New Born

Woke up in the morn,

to the tune of a song.

The sun  mirthfully shone,

amidst the gleeful throng.

There was a mild sound,

which came along.

That expressed in a  lovely tone,

an arrival of a new-born.


Crying in full throat,

the babe made the entry.

Alerting everyone with a short

sharp  notes similar to a sentry.

Revitalising the surrounding

with a charming frenzy.

That brought out  aloud,

the arrival of  the new-born.




The anticipation turned out

to a passionate excitement.

The anxiety converted itself

into a delightful predicament.

There  arose a tranquillity

embedded in peace and contentment.

That delivered in all serenity,

the arrival of the new-born.





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A Blow ,A Strike, A Fall

Heard a smashing noise ,

A violent slash  it was,

Thud ,thud it sounded,

Lo , there was a bang,

A loud squeak emanated,

A sharp shriek was heard,

There was a blast,

A fall ,a collapse resulted,

The beautiful tree came down,

It tumbled flat on the ground,

A sordid sight indeed!

A ghastly scenario  really!

A terrible blow truly!

A vicious strike exactly!

Finally a miserable fall absolute.



That which stood royal an hour ago,

Lies down biting the dust  poorly now,

That which yielded fruits and nuts,

Is a mound of rubbish  at present,

That which gave shade and strength,

Relays  a  heap of broken twigs  now,

That which was a cynosure to all eyes,

Seems like an eyesore now,

That which was a thing of beauty,

Looks like an empty distraction now,

Illustrating  the transitoriness,

Underlining the fleeting  of life,

Denoting the impermanence,

 Yes, anything born has to die.