The Red Robin

The little red robin 
 is calling me in 
 I am going to go in 
 see what is happening in 
as there is lot of din 
 that keeps going on 
 for a long time on 
 the fellow red robins have gone 
 only a few be there on 
yet the noise is going on 
 with a great follow on 
 rushing in to see what is going on 
found a team of bird there on 
circling round a new born.  red robin


The New -Born

The new-born cries
seeing the world perhaps
knowing fully well of the corruption
understanding the greed
counting the scathing remarks
noticing all things done improperly
The baby would cry even more
and hope it would not stop
if it sees the other atrocities
that rule the world blasphemous
sealing it to a devastation.
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The World Moves On.

The world still moves on.

There was a sunrise in the morn.

There are many new-born. 

The horses neigh in the barn.

 The birds sing in the dawn.


The earth revolves around.

There is a lot of sound.

People walk around.

There seems to be no bound.

As all things are in order in the ground.


There is no sign of devastation.

Not even a specific exasperation.

It is but a regular situation

where there is liveliness in elaboration.

Easing out all  tensions  in a quick invigoration 













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The New Born

Woke up in the morn,

to the tune of a song.

The sun  mirthfully shone,

amidst the gleeful throng.

There was a mild sound,

which came along.

That expressed in a  lovely tone,

an arrival of a new-born.


Crying in full throat,

the babe made the entry.

Alerting everyone with a short

sharp  notes similar to a sentry.

Revitalising the surrounding

with a charming frenzy.

That brought out  aloud,

the arrival of  the new-born.




The anticipation turned out

to a passionate excitement.

The anxiety converted itself

into a delightful predicament.

There  arose a tranquillity

embedded in peace and contentment.

That delivered in all serenity,

the arrival of the new-born.