The Cries

The cries shrill

came from a steep hill

enough to killshrill


The Black Crow Calls

A crow yonder

cries with a fervour

not once but many a time

with a loudness akin to a chime

at regular intervals from morning

it thinks its cry is a sing

goes on and on with a diligence

know not why it caws with such indulgence

people say it perhaps foretells an event

the arrival of guests or any other deviant

a diverse from the regular course

and a derivation out of source

pertinent to a superstition

present an appreciation

a feel could be this way

a thought out of the way.crow.

destiny. Poetry

The Music Within

The music I hear

causes a tear

the heart cries

the soul stirs

the eyes of the poor

though not speak words

express feelings of hurt

their suffering mostly silent

sings many a song

of struggle  and scarcity

their hands  bear

scars of toil red and black

their feet have blisters

the nails all broke

niggard they are

hear them rant

ignites a fire

that rises up

darkens the cloud

pours down as rain

a feeble way

to assuage their  bruise

smothers now and then

keeps them in the poor-in-spiritflow.


The Cry and Smile

The child cries
for what she knows not
cries she all aloud
tears run down her cheeks
face turns scarlet
the mother tries to pacify her
feeds her with milk
makes noise with the rattle
holds her close to the bosom
the child cries even more
knowing not what to do
the mother breaks down
she whispers and sobs
looks the child perplexed
sits there silent for a time
crawls towards her mother
wipes the tears that flow
softly kisses her mom
with a broad smile as cries and smiles


The Little Child —Haiku

The little  child
made to call alphabets  loud
cries in wild. images (29)


The New -Born

The new-born cries
seeing the world perhaps
knowing fully well of the corruption
understanding the greed
counting the scathing remarks
noticing all things done improperly
The baby would cry even more
and hope it would not stop
if it sees the other atrocities
that rule the world blasphemous
sealing it to a devastation.
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Actions Anger Crime interest. Interpretation thoughts turmoil Wisdom

Performance Otherwise.

Connive and conspire  to begin

Hoard and usurp to trade in,

Conceal and hide to  spin.

Cheat and beguile to sin.


It is a win  unholy.

It casts a  dark shadow wholly.

It creates a status lowly.

It thwarts  peace thoroughly.


It is a performance otherwise.

It shows the mode to earn  in size.

It leads to a  schedule of vice.

It claims a stream of desolate cries.