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Elegy On Nirbhaya

unaware of the  chaotic crash.

The bus was on a joy ride

carrying five passengers alone in a side.

It was a late hour in the night.

The girl was taken by fright.

as thee men knocked her male companion unconscious

She was  gang raped brutally noxious.

Leaving her half dead almost.


She lay on the roadside pathetic

Her intestines peeped out tragic.

Medical world was left in a dilemma

as  she was suffering from severe oedema. 

An uproar tore Delhi into pieces.

Casting the governance into seizures.

The medical intern fought vainly

Finally  she died a  death ghastly.

Leaving the world to pine eternally.








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Performance Otherwise.

Connive and conspire  to begin

Hoard and usurp to trade in,

Conceal and hide to  spin.

Cheat and beguile to sin.


It is a win  unholy.

It casts a  dark shadow wholly.

It creates a status lowly.

It thwarts  peace thoroughly.


It is a performance otherwise.

It shows the mode to earn  in size.

It leads to a  schedule of vice.

It claims a stream of desolate cries.




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A Boisterous Threat.

Trees were in full bloom.

Colorful  flowers were in full blossom.

Lascivious  fruits hung heavily.

Little birds chirped crisply.

Bees buzzed with a drone.

Adding  charm to the zone.


The land stands bare.

There are no trees to stare.

There are no bearer of fruits juicy.

There are no blossoms to  make  flowering  lovely.

There are no loving hosts to hold birds chatter.

There are no lively relays to deliver the bees humming with cheer. 


The ground is loaded with mortar and concrete.

Buildings go up in stylish lanky upbeat.

Displaying colors of morbid paints.

Distracting the original inhabitants.

Chasing them out of their dwellings

Disturbing the environment out of its rings.


Threats come in different forms.

Destroying everything over the norms.

Invasions are considered as heroic deeds.

Assassinations are out of  greed.

Harassment indicate a cruel impertinence.

Deforestation is  a crime beyond penance.




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A Lawyer Betrays.

A lawyer behaves extremely rude.

His words are  abominably crude.

Well, dub him as a dude.


He thinks high of his capacity.

But lacks the basic integrity.

Well, he presents abnormal difficulty.


He betrays his valuable  clients.

He supports their bitter  opponents.

Well, call him an impertinent.


He may be successful in profession.

He is out of the area of appreciation.

Well, he is deficit of recognition.


The world should shun such unethical.

Keep him out of the radical.

Well, he is a criminal classical.

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Crime Wave in Malaysia

Article first published as Crime Wave in Malaysia on Blogcritics.

Malaysia is in the grip of fear. Fear emanates not from external bodies, not from invasions, not from economic constraints, not from internal troubles, but from petty thieves. It sounds ridiculous and silly, but it is very much the case.

Burglary has become a part of Malaysian life. Newspapers report episodes of daylight robbery and incidents of housebreaking as headlines.

These miscreants indulge in snatching chains, rings, pocketing money, stealing credit cards and mobile phones. If anyone resists, the thieves turn violent. They slit open the throat or cut the fingers with sharp penknives and bolt away.

They decamp with cash and jewels from townhouses and private residences. As most Malaysian buildings have tiled roofs, the thieves easily remove the tiles and get into the main living area. They warn the inmates of dire consequences they will have to face if they report the robbery to the police.

Temples also get looted by these burglars, who enrich themselves by grabbing expensive ornaments made of gold and studded with valuable diamonds. On their way out they lift the lockers filled with devotees’ contributions.

There is still another way of stealing: small-timers rummage through plantations and harvest fresh fruit and bunches of oil palm and sell it for immediate cash.

The police patrol the vulnerable areas on motorcycles and in cars, flashing a bright light and honking frequently. They do only that much. It is a stylish way of going about the town with authority and power, but it does not catch criminals or mete out any punishment.

This otherwise beautiful country with tropical rain forests and a long coastal belt, with a stable government, with a sound economy, with three races living in harmony, would compete for the safest place to live in if not for this glaring discrepancy

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