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Man and Birds–A Study.

It was a morning
I was watching the birds.
Fascinated by two of them
I followed their moves.

One was white
had a red beak.
The other was pitch dark
with a yellow beak.

The two:
kept company all through
flew together always
landed in style.

The one tweeted
the other replied
hoo, hoo.
They made merry
all throughout.

The black and the white
lived in peace.

On to Humanity:

Men shoot each other
Colours play the card
Status marks the distinction.
Religion divides.

Won’t we learn forever?
from the birds
or from the animals
the value of unity

Never will we?
We kill, hurt
torment and destroy.

Hatred and vengeance run deep.
Peace is not in sight.

A May Morning

It is a May morning

there is drizzle

the birds come out and go back

fear there could be more rain

a pleasant morning it seems

with a breeze all too cool

and the sun still in its slumber

a respite from the hot

of yesterdays

scorching and sweltering

could the birds have a premonition?

wonder so, wishing a cool day.

Two Little Birds.

Two little birds on the wall

a sign of happiness in all

a strange inference I believe

nothing much it gives.


They know not what we think

sit there and  nicely blink

could have come for a rest

only they know the reason best.


We are clever in interpretations

could be a gift of the imagination

an ordinary event gains importance

like that of birds on the wall in reference.




Birds Flock Together. — A Teaching

The birds in my garden

chatter and tweet

be an  incessant lengthy talk

all from dawn to dusk

a move not anywhere

fly down and fly up

never too far in the go.

Lovely to see them play

lovelier to watch them pick up

the crumbs and leftovers in  the gay

I have not seen anyone alone

they come in two’s and three’s

partake the food in a flock

never found them selfish.

Birds of the same feather

flock together

an expression very authentic

as they share and live

adjust and exist

play and enjoy

always in a flock.birds

Nature At Its Best.

it was thirty minutes past four
well into the early morning
between dark and dawn quite cold
with none of the humans up and around
the world was busy otherwise in a get up
the birds were ready for their fare
their cackle and chirp bustling in a bound
there were the others insects moving up and down
enjoying the beauty and serenity together
a wonderful thoroughfare was in the hub
an orchestral music being played with interest
without the interference of man’s artificial signsearly morning
hoots and honks, fumes and dust all prevalent
it is the nature in all wholly at its best.

The Rose Again

It is a rose again

 that promotes a gain

 it is not a feign

 but seen very plain

a beauty in form 

above all norms 

 no measurements in straight 

 random and bright 

colourful it is through

a lovely rose in hue 

 petals soft as  drops of dew 

 around the birds flyrose

the butterfly zooms 

 the rose  gives a room

with a lively bloom

dispels their gloom

that be the rose again

 promotes a vast gain.






The Day’s Day

It is pleasant
the day is warm
with the shine decent
causing no harm
the breeze cheerful
passing through lively
the birds fly about
and the men move spiritedly
with the night comes darkness
and there arises a silence
with the owls hooting in the stillness
the day ends up with little reference.day's day