No Man’s

A child out  there

 stands abducted on the road 

knows not to whom he belongs.abducted child


The Sequel And Theme

it is a sequel natural

no difference in factual

a flow in the  river  smooth 

not in a way uncouth

with the tides rising high

then they slowly die 

asymptomatic of the thoughts 

that   elude when sought 

the heart carries a heavy load 

could not hold it on board 

a pour out  is the course

I withhold them by force

 they are ready to jump out 

 do they do  so in a let out

my song would strike a theme 

one of absolute  dream 

sequel and theme


The Chase


The land opposite mine  

  densely planted with oil palm

closely populated by a tribe 

 a busy clan never calm

hooligans who take no bribe 

mischievous and up to folly 

oscillate and swing in a mood

break the branch when jolly

gnaw the berries in all crude 

chatter and  whimper all through

Lo! the trees  are now cut  invariably

their habitation is in a mess absolute

sit there they in all melancholy

with their brood in dissolute 

Alas! man  always engages in a chase

scares the orangutans  from their place 




An Overcome.

Heard a sound feeble

down the garden in low decibel

went past  the flower bed 

 nothing could be heard

 walked towards the gate 

  heard a little purr out of date

 turned to catch a look

 it hurried  like a crook

went my way all along 

heard  a whimper like song 

 stopped  did not turne back

from behind the track

 felt  a  slight move 

came it slow in a prove

 stood stoic  like a rock 

 it did knock 

 did not budge 

I took a pledge 

not to get through

knew it was behind me all true 

it leaped in front

made  a soft grunt

Yes, it was a  hallucination

 the mind  at work  in designation

Startled yet resolute ahead I go 

I did overcome the nightmare in slow

a  grotesque satisfaction in a smooth flow.






The Beauty

Her face has a distinct form

 not like a pear  in the norm

 an oval shape in perfect form

  two big eyes well placed 

with expressions not dazed 

a kindness pops out unfazed

 a nose of mighty sharp 

nothing that of a prop 

 long and aquiline on top

the lips so thin and  curved 

look they like a painted nerve

has a chin effective and pleasant

 not long or pointed in a pretend 

the cheeks did glow with a pink

 a robust  cheer to espy in a wink

 that be the girl I saw on my way

 a beauty that took me by sway.



Old is Gold

A day or two ago

 met my friend of long ago 

old she has turned 

most of the calories burnt 

by age and illness in one show

found her out of flow 

staggers  a lot in her walk

 precise is she in her talk

 physically she has lost 

 mentally she is still fast 

hailed me by name all aloud 

brought back the events from cloud 

speaks out in a voice so clear 

tells me  I look like an old hag with cheer 

Knew not where to keep my face 

I pulled myself away with a long face 

not able to accept that I am also old 

she and I being the same age  in fold 

yet thought I am young not  gone grey 

as my black hair shines in the fray

with coloured dye minimal  and slight 

teeth all original and white 

no make up whatsoever in sight 

I deign myself in attire suitable 

wish to seem  like  one capable  

never did I think that I am old 

 with a smile now, I accept “Old is gold”



dying hair with henna indigo


The Nine Gates (As I see)

It is a touch 

that resurrects as such

 a cry  so shrill

 evokes a thrill

comes there a feel 

 that allows a heal

as you blossom

love and hate coerce

with the ‘I ‘ so fierce

death almost  stares

with a white glare

everything do fade

 as water evaporates in grade

there  descends an awe 

that  transcends without a flaw 

 be it a pebble or a star in strain

 an enlightenment  attained 

with relentless discipline .

There opens the eight entry in line 

 of consciousness  in spontaneity 

 pours out ideas with dignity

enamoured by the sweet talk

 like the  grass and grasshopper in a stalk

 echo the mantra of the  Padma Sambhava 

 a seven line chant of the Tibetan bhava

 reverberates through the open window

illumined by light and blessings from above 

could perceive a delivery in a glow

 namo om


Nobility All The More.

It is a surprise 
pleasant be it twice 
 an unknown face 
 seen in the first phase 
 offered to let us in
 unmindful of the pin
 without the least introduction 
made us feel at home  an action
 noble and beyond comprehension
 gave not any luxurious enchants 
 only the necessity without rant 
 extended with warmth and cordiality 
 that be the case of great derivative 
strong one of sustenance  in all
 a loving display of greatness  without brawlnobility


The Visa

A day it was  yesterday

 full of events  in a way

 an interview  for  visa to travel

a non immigrant  stamp on the 

done with effective conduct 

in a no-nonsense deduct 

with some questions simple 

the time to get over 

 was not altogether 

 an hour or more 

 but only a few minutes 

 yet the wait for an appointment 

 attached with it  the rules and regulations 

 was tense and  proved  a little anxious 

while  the anticipation after  the viva

 was one of a dilemma  

 concerned not of the approval

 the period to process  and deliver

  the important document  as such

 submitted  to authorities  for perusal

that of a passport    of great validity 

 an identity as well as an asset

 a  token to travel in and out 

 in the form of a  small book

 with  dates of issue and expiry 

 a number with an initial

 say A 123456

along with the place of issue 

 and the country of origin

all to be memorized .

A significant  copy it is 

 once lost dooms you for eternity 

 the  application and the compiling 

 takes long days to work out 

with the authorities busy all time 

  Not risky to visa application lose your name 

 or might forget it for a while 

 never the passport anymore.












Travel Ahead.

Have to cross the borders

 to travel in order

 to see my children 

who live in different regions.

travel plans

The joy of visiting them

 turns into glum

 the long hours of  flight 

is in itself  not blight.


Three hours over the sky

 is  plausibly a pleasurable drive

 anything more is apprehensive

transforms into  repulsive .


No  country is so near  as that 

most lie far away  in state 

 a full day or more into the clouds

makes one  resist travel aloud.


The thought  of a day and more 

confines one to a no more 

as the age advances every year 

travel does not hold any cheer.