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Non-English Writers.

Non-English speakers
learn English with a diligence
It becomes a second language
to them.
Never it turns secondary.

They master the language.
Speak and write with proficiency,
even better than the natives.

Their style is
dubbed as unique,quaint,peculiar
by the natives.

The voice may be a little different
not utterly strange.

The English speaking world
does not acknowledge them.

Many good writers
go unrecognised.

It is unfortunate in a sense.

Non-English scribes
do not lose heart.

Do the good work
claim your reward.

A Strange Mania

It is a  strange mania

a very different one

what could I name the mania?

almost a distinctive mania one.


She has it in surplus

overwhelms her most times

not definitely a plus

she in obsession all times.


Curious to know about that ?

it is an equation with others superior

could be in wisdom and wealth or all that

perhaps a conciliation  of her status  in exterior.


She boasts  of her know hows vociferously

familiar with the one  and friendly with the other

could be true or not in a way incongruously

would they acknowledge  is not her bother.


She indulges in a buying imaginatively

diamonds , gold and silver cross her  always

purchases not  one or two but  a score fabulously

followed by many an item expensive cost wise.


What suffix could one add to this behaviour?

I ponder for a while with a thought on words

nothing comes to my mind from my brain’s anterior

let me deliberate on for a few days wading towards.








That Being A Strange Land.

That being islanda strange land

where there are many bands

with people of varied culture

having distinctive features

speak not one but seven hundred  tongue

they be the languages in a flung

customs almost same in respects

perceptions differ in aspects

unity is  seldom found

the island reverberates with the sound

a fight here and quarrel there

marks with an evil  stare

dislodge the one from his post

push him to the end of the coast

has been the way of the islanders

as such no progress is seen in a stretch

a reprimand and  discipline could wrench

the people from their quench

being a thirst of greed and  deceit.

Nobility All The More.

It is a surprise 
pleasant be it twice 
 an unknown face 
 seen in the first phase 
 offered to let us in
 unmindful of the pin
 without the least introduction 
made us feel at home  an action
 noble and beyond comprehension
 gave not any luxurious enchants 
 only the necessity without rant 
 extended with warmth and cordiality 
 that be the case of great derivative 
strong one of sustenance  in all
 a loving display of greatness  without brawlnobility

An Empty Look

Leave it off
he said with a scoff
then gave a laugh
as noisy as a doff.

She sat there long
with a stare all along
humming a song
she looked not strong.

With an empty look
seemed like an empty book
stayed with a hook
confined to a nook.

She talked to herself gently
tears ran down slowly
could forget nothing easily
she whimpered inconsolEmpty_Look_by_VirtualGirl6654ably

The Strange And Peculiar.

he feel being one of strange
that of being out of range
striking on something peculiar
pointing towards nothing regular
wanting to be away from the world
the people around do not go by the word
that prompts a jump out from the milieu
might look  a little different from the expectation
that has been the way one has to go in suspension
proposing a stigma of consciousness
varying in a degree of insightfulnesdownload (13)
Well, the feel has taken me a long way out
heralding a disenchanted mode throughout
that be the feel strange and peculiar
that be the thought great and similar.

Now And Then

Telling a lie now and then

going astray then and now

 talking irrelevant now and then

acting insanely then and now

has been his way on and off

tagging to norms  off and on

generally breaking ties on and off

intimidating  off and on

lived with a deal then

existing with a shield now

crying foul on and on

grabbing all off and off

That being now and then  most

seemingly on and off almost

he is a strange person at the utmost.now and then