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Nice To Know.

Nice to know

that what had  been predicted

has  come true.


Nice to know

the harm he had inflicted

now affects him


Nice to know

the  excruciating pain he caused

now circles him.


The Pain As Felt

The pain in the body

the pain in the mind

the pain felt whatsoever

could be an abstract  feel

a forget of the pain  all the more

engaging in deals furthermore

would assuage the hurt

thinking else would mitigate

both the physical and the mental

like a write, a read, a calculation

a browse and a conversation

let that be the way to lessen

rather than the medical subjugation

bring in more misery than anything.





The Primary And Secondary

A home away from home

greets you with a welcome

yet the longing to go back home

surges now and then in a tone.

Could I ascribe it to the warmth?

or could I confirm it as a want

might it be a feel in -depth

claim it to be an in homesadjustment.debt.

The second home equals in cherish

good in a way be it in a relish

yet the desire to return becomes feverish

Oh! at times it turns a relentless wish.

Well, have to make the second the primary

not that it is because of any rivalry

owe it to the occupation in verity

adjusting is the only way inadvertently.

Nothing Be There

Nothing there is as much as we imagine

nothing there is as much as we see

nothing there is as much as we hear

nothing there is as much as we feel

there is nothing at all

as time passes into memory

as the impressions fade away

as the scenery gets distempered

as the tale becomes obsolete

as the experience turns outdated

really there is nothing  at all everywhere download (40)

How Do You Shine?

The gaze at the sun

with the curiosity in the run

wanting to know what fun

it is to shine all through

without a pause and fault in true

while I coil and withdraw

when there be a flaw

complaining of tiredness great

proposing a rest in rate

that be with most of us

yet you remain without fuss

shining not with mediocre

but with high decor

over the earth in spirit

images (72)never-failing in a beat

Well, I want to know really

how you shine so lovely

all these years with energy

showing formidable synergy.





The Strange And Peculiar.

he feel being one of strange
that of being out of range
striking on something peculiar
pointing towards nothing regular
wanting to be away from the world
the people around do not go by the word
that prompts a jump out from the milieu
might look  a little different from the expectation
that has been the way one has to go in suspension
proposing a stigma of consciousness
varying in a degree of insightfulnesdownload (13)
Well, the feel has taken me a long way out
heralding a disenchanted mode throughout
that be the feel strange and peculiar
that be the thought great and similar.

The Work Load

The work not lets me go 

even though I become slow

I have to resume my flow

no matter however low

and tired I go about.


With the program piling up one by one

not of great importance in the run

I have to fight not with the gun

but get along without any fun

well that has been my life out-and-out.


The small things getting over

while the great things slip lower

the unremarkable flies up to the tower

while the  valid goes down the shower

Oh! that has been me without a shout.


The happenings getting distinguished

the distinct get  relinquished

while the shadow remains not vanquished

the  pertinent disappears and becomes finished

Gosh! that has been the direction about.



Wondering  is it the same to all

Do all experience the same call ?

Never did I play with any different ball

as I work my livelihood with a workload

Lo! that has been my destiny without a doubt.