Cruel and Merciful

A cruel destiny

takes all the three children’s life

the parents remain unconsoled.


A merciful destiny

gives them another child the next year

a consolation for the loss.


cleverest fastest luckiest. Poetry

Destiny————–All Powerful

None can win over

what would you ask?

even the cleverest  would not

succeed to win over

what is that you ask?

not the fastest would

be able to win over

what again you would ask?

the luckiest would not

be able to win over

what could it be you ask?

going right and left

strolling round and round

I knit my brows looking at you

have you not got it?

my turn to ask

It is destiny that is unconquerable

that is invincible and all powerful.


The Destiny.

Great is the destiny
never beaten by any
it is ever invincible
never it is possible
to overthrow and succeed
it is a strong fort indeed
requires a mind to accept
as there is a precept
that destiny is unbeatable


The Toil

The sweat goes without saying

through the throng in a going

with only a few being occupied

the rest remain satisfied

enjoying the fruits of the hard-working

passing comments without  reckoning

not doing things at all in the move

but  kidding over that being done with a reprove

building over the perspiration of those who do

finally ejecting them out from the main stream in a go

that has been the fate of those who toil

not leaving anything in the midst of the boil

tending with great care and attention

really getting nothing back only detention.




My Destiny

Preparing the stage with labour
writing the documents  with fervour
focusing on issues with insight
drafting the replies with foresight
has been my way of doing
when there comes the enacting
it is a quite  overcoming by  my maker_of_my_destiny_decisions_by_atomic_blondiebetter half
who steals the limelight with a big laugh
that stings me to the very bottom
and sinks my spirit to the autumn
quickly reconciling to the destiny
throwing out in disgust my last penny.


The Work Load

The work not lets me go 

even though I become slow

I have to resume my flow

no matter however low

and tired I go about.


With the program piling up one by one

not of great importance in the run

I have to fight not with the gun

but get along without any fun

well that has been my life out-and-out.


The small things getting over

while the great things slip lower

the unremarkable flies up to the tower

while the  valid goes down the shower

Oh! that has been me without a shout.


The happenings getting distinguished

the distinct get  relinquished

while the shadow remains not vanquished

the  pertinent disappears and becomes finished

Gosh! that has been the direction about.



Wondering  is it the same to all

Do all experience the same call ?

Never did I play with any different ball

as I work my livelihood with a workload

Lo! that has been my destiny without a doubt.



The Role Of Destiny

As I lay retrospective for long 

the memory of my ancestor rushed along

she being  an innocent lady beautiful

very pleasant mannered  and  wonderful

being tossed by destiny hapless

coming  in the form of her daughter in law

who gave her no respect whatsoever

who taunted and teased her old woman

threw her out of the house with contempt

while the lady being dignified   preempted

living  a simple life in  an ancient house

a way away from her family house

cooking all by herself  till her death

doing  her chores all by herself without any assistance

fearing to sleep in the night alone  without attendance

she came to the house  where her family lived

with her dinner in hand  all well  settled

slept peacefully in her own bedding

at the stroke of five in the  morning

she walked back to her place of living

as years kept on running

she became bedridden and sick

being forced to stay in her family house  without any pick

she lay unconscious for a few days  never so in her long life

passed away calmly as she had lived  breathing  out

the daughter in law who shooed her off

got ill a few years after and was treated  with a fuss

but had to die in a place outside  her house

That be the greatness of destiny all said and done

whatever one wishes never works out even in fun




Money Everywhere.

Money taking the upper part

 wherein we know not in short.

 overtaking the factual to a degree

 beheading truth in a  steady

gobbling  the reality fully

implicating a riot gleefully

leading to a destruction entirely

which is not seen immediately

but would surface in a while slowly

showing the doers their  callousness

while they being exposed in greatnessfutureless

with that the  manipulation of money power

will never stop but go in strides  in a hover

sealing the community to a futureless  destiny.





Anger Experience melancholy Study subscriptions thoughts turmoil Wish

Melancholic Strain.

The evening was sultry and hot.

There was no breeze to cool out.

It was unpleasant  all through.

While sitting  heaving and puffing in the patio

Got calls from friends in a row.

Each one expressing a strain sad

Emphasizing the unkindness meted out.

The senior one wished to die

holding strongly destiny in her hands.

The other one cursed his siblings to a tragic death.

adorning  himself in  a prophetical garb.

The last one  was in bad health.

Depression had taken its toll.

He had shed his  snobbish pride,

Lo!looked demure and desolate,

 The poor weakling wished  nothing, cursed none,

He only longed  for peace to return.

These added up to the heat around.

Making one to think and think aloud.

Finally found out  that

Happiness is within ourselves

Not anywhere else.






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Born As A Woman

Loathe being born as a woman,

As have to serve yeomen,

First to  obey the parents,

Second to  go behind the husband,

Third look after the children,

Best of all to  appease the society.



A woman is compared to a flower,

Soft, delicate and tender,

As a rough handle destroys the flower,

So a tough stand shatters the woman.

While  the flower loses its beauty,

The woman’s grace  vanishes mostly.




While her patience is misunderstood,

Her  sincerity is exploited,

As her slogging is made use of,

Her cry for recognition,

Is not taken care of.

Leaving her at man’s mercy.



She toils day in and day out,

Un mindful of her health,

Never paying attention to her welfare,

Always putting her family first ,

By stooping to low ebbs,

Granting a happy picture perfect.



Confined by limitations,

As she is from the weaker sex,

Restricted by the filial ties,

As she is governed by the family,

She untiringly goes about,

Thinking of nothing great.



Later her body crumbles due  to age,

Her legs wobble under pressure,

The hands present an awkward move,

While her face acquires a gaunt,

She  staggers along the way,

Awaiting the call of the day.