Could be Not Said of Him

Could be not  said of him

a good man once

now a deceit.


Could be not said of him

a man just once

now a sinner.


Could be not said of him

a man pleasant once

now a rude .


Could be not said of him

a man he had been once

now not one.




A Disoriented Man

rhythm-timing-and-intuition-300x225The disturbed man
disturbs all
with his feverish mind
and with his rash actions.

He shouts and cries
slams and slaps
dashes and bashes
overturns and overthrows.

It is hard to settle him
hard to make him realise
difficult to reconcile
and bring him back to normal.

At times we feel compassionate
most times we disdain him
for his distraughtness
an unpleasantness surrounds


The Much Ado

The time to make much ado

 the means to make much fuss

climbs up the ladder in a swing

becoming epicurean in every action

leave not epicure be alone for food

that be found in all fares

be it food or illness

whatever it might cause

getting it far beyond

makes it morbid and stale

that be the follow-up of many

be it large or  small does not matter images (39)

setting an unpleasant  sequence

insisting on a not so distinctive relevance.





Anger Experience melancholy Study subscriptions thoughts turmoil Wish

Melancholic Strain.

The evening was sultry and hot.

There was no breeze to cool out.

It was unpleasant  all through.

While sitting  heaving and puffing in the patio

Got calls from friends in a row.

Each one expressing a strain sad

Emphasizing the unkindness meted out.

The senior one wished to die

holding strongly destiny in her hands.

The other one cursed his siblings to a tragic death.

adorning  himself in  a prophetical garb.

The last one  was in bad health.

Depression had taken its toll.

He had shed his  snobbish pride,

Lo!looked demure and desolate,

 The poor weakling wished  nothing, cursed none,

He only longed  for peace to return.

These added up to the heat around.

Making one to think and think aloud.

Finally found out  that

Happiness is within ourselves

Not anywhere else.