Likewise I Am

Likewise I had been

withdrawn from the scene

Likewise I am seen

a quiet person as in.

Like wise I am felt

a silent spectator in the belt.

Likewise I am talked about

an  unassailable  one rather  loud.

Likewise I like to be

different as I could be.




Different Walks.

Into the woods

I fearfully walk.

Through the river

I joyfully swim.

Across the ocean

I sail with awe.

On to the mountains

I climb with efforts.

Into the life

I carefully look.







The Tropics

The sunshine ever so bright

always scorching right

keeps one warm and humid

renders one meek and timid

not anything to do with character

all through depends on the weather

perspiration and fatigue are a deviant

drive one far away from the event

paralyse they populationto the core

never allows one to reach the fore

that be the destiny of us

who live in tropics in a buzz

where the population teems

the sound of life is in screams

yet we survive between the droughts

Well! it could be our stoicism stout.


The Different Man

He cannot do much
remains as such
does not get in touch
keeps away from search
is aloof and away
greatly into the fraydownload (48)
that be his stay
all along the day
not near but far away
physically not in stray
mentally plucked away.


God Be With You

God be with you
could be a blessing
told in good spirit
could mean different
when said with anger
the same words hold
different connotations
in dissimilar intonations
that be the style of life
expressions of joy
along with the antithesis
extension of anguish
a strategic move could it be ?God be with you


The Versification Subtle

versificationTeaching through poetry
being not easy as a song
that comes from the heart
set on its own tune and rhythm
not bound by any metric trend
be the way of many a poet.

Going rapturous over nature
with the beauty exhilarating
the rose calling you
and the trees beckoning you
could be clothed in verse
with a joy and with physical attribution.

Be not the same with the abstract
that of dealing with ideals exact
the verse come forth with a didactic note
enhancing the qualities that are to be adapted
leaving out those that are to be eschewed
there be a significant restraint and serenity around.

Each one writes differently with a style
likes not to be dictated by the famous
just being they are recognised
they tend to be authoritative in their approach
which the lesser poet likes not most
for being lesser does not mean poorer in skill and content


Diversities Cheer.

Diversities  are found everywhere

No two Ethnic_cheer are alike

there be a difference

that keep us awake.


The land forms are distinctive

with mountains and plains

with slopes and hillocks

with valleys and bends.


The  water mass varies

with oceans and rivers

with streams and ponds

with waterfalls and  lakes .


The human race too falls into the cue

with colour  and features

with the  speech and behaviour

with movements and manner.


The language also goes with them

each one speaking different

diction and pronunciation go beyond

usage and process go within.


Seasons are no way behind

with sun and rain

with cold and hot

with the variations going fast.


Diversities keep us in the run

as monotony would lend a boredom

seeing the same old thing again

sends us into the steam.






The Much Ado

The time to make much ado

 the means to make much fuss

climbs up the ladder in a swing

becoming epicurean in every action

leave not epicure be alone for food

that be found in all fares

be it food or illness

whatever it might cause

getting it far beyond

makes it morbid and stale

that be the follow-up of many

be it large or  small does not matter images (39)

setting an unpleasant  sequence

insisting on a not so distinctive relevance.






The Unlikely

I may sound unlikelyunlikely
not tying with the world
however much I try
I could not get into it
A sound that is left unheard
causes waves in me.
A scene that goes unnoticed
makes me dwell on it for hours.
A remark that is just thrown out
hurts me a lot to the very being.
A tear that is just wiped off
harms me to the essential
Why I am so? I deliberate.
never could find an answer
all through my life
and live differently from the rest


The Right Track.

Having lost sight of the track
had to go in search of the track
to find the exact trackimages (20)
got on to lot of unwanted tracks
and it was difficult to track
the right feasible track
finally got into the right track
and then proceeded into the track
to reach the destination on track.