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Punches of kind
 the physical ones
 and the verbal assaults
cause excruciating pain.
The bodily scratches
 can be slight and unnoticeable
in physical assault.
 They disappear with time
and fade from memory.
Those that are deadly
causes a maim-
 a permanent disability
or turn fatal. A situation
where memory has no role.
The verbal  punches
 can be a tease
 with a derisive intonation
 or a venomous outpour.
The dimensions
 are impregnating.
 Callous and heinous
 they sound. The spit and spat
 kill the spirit.
An outburst:
 where emotions
play the card.

The Physical Vs The Clinical.

The physical condition is most

than any clinical presentation in  a course

vital to any condition whatsoever

be   a disease for that matter

as an ordinary fever could choke one

so do the most alarming ones

not go for any  other logarithms

like scans and X-rays   to name a few

slight variation from the norms could be there

that never matters on the whole

a blood loss could make one look pale

a  head -ache could become unbearable

the face would inform of the difficulty

other health factors  would show up

externally in the weight loss and fatigue

go by that way than rely on machines

and what they say with scientific interpretations

the real is better than an example

well that is my take in general

hope you agree with me in particular.physical

The Versification Subtle

versificationTeaching through poetry
being not easy as a song
that comes from the heart
set on its own tune and rhythm
not bound by any metric trend
be the way of many a poet.

Going rapturous over nature
with the beauty exhilarating
the rose calling you
and the trees beckoning you
could be clothed in verse
with a joy and with physical attribution.

Be not the same with the abstract
that of dealing with ideals exact
the verse come forth with a didactic note
enhancing the qualities that are to be adapted
leaving out those that are to be eschewed
there be a significant restraint and serenity around.

Each one writes differently with a style
likes not to be dictated by the famous
just being they are recognised
they tend to be authoritative in their approach
which the lesser poet likes not most
for being lesser does not mean poorer in skill and content

Talking over The Week end

Talking to my children over the week ends

has been my routine for years together

I talk to them without an end

not knowing what way to end altogether

but keeping awake all of us  for hours

as one lives in the  north in a time zone

whilst the other in the south with another time ever

with the variations of morning and evening  alone

the last one  living in the middle almost same time as mine

as both of us live around the tropics  in tone

we go on talking apart from the time with shine

away from the time, beyond the time in glue

with a giggle and a chuckle all through

with tears and a weep while coming to a close

brushing aside the tears that trickle down true

hanging up with the anticipation of resuming in the next week-end

our life has been going about with talking and seeing over the net

very much assuaging and comforting to a great extent  in time zone.a trend

though not as reckoning of the physical touch and proximity

that had been denied to us by living miles apart  in frequency.

Feel Of Touch

mother embraceing<emThe feel of touch is different.
Contexts play in the affront.
A mother,s touch is a blessing
as it is a fusion of love and care.
A lover's touch is a passion
as it blends romance and love.
The doctor's touch is a heal
as it diagnoses and directs.

Physical proximity have a say
commanding a respect and a detest.
Embracing is an outward display of love lover's embrace.that of a mother's and a lovers
The hug of a mother is affection
The entwining of a lover too is affection
There lies a difference between the two
that of a show understandable.

Motherly advances are subtle with a placidity
The lover's intimacy is ebullient with excitement
The distinction is marked carrying it with a solace.
Cordiality has a silver touch that has to be handled
with a skill and tact bringing out a configuration
of amour and rapture in measured levels
providing a base for further build up while
executing a resolution of immense pleasure.

The Falsities

The falsities in life are many
To quote a few in the lighter vein
I need the permission of those
who go with it out of necessity
and others who go for it for cosmetic
I also take part with them
to camouflage the original with a fake
an order to look bright and young
with lovely teeth,glossy black hair.
satin glow skin,startling figure
and shining smile with pearl white teeth.
They are consolations for those who have lost
and an added charm for those who need an enhancement.
Falsities outward are harmless and permissible
but catch ups of fraud in the mind are cantankerous
and spiteful endangering the species and the world.


Circumscribing Love.

Love takes everyone by its passion.
Talking about love is a fashion
as love is a theme of fusion
where two beings get together without reason.

The physical love is extraneous
focusing on the sensuous
pitching on the amorous
prolonging on the romance arduous.

Writings on love get famous
as they are most populous
presenting a subject glamorous
enjoyed by young and old as delicious.

Love is circumscribed thus
into a narrow fold of buzz
where man and woman do guess
speaking out sweet nothings in a dialect less.

Love extends beyond the body
as it stretches towards things more hardy
like that of affection, interest, patriotism in brands handy
It has no boundaries as it sets itself on aspects trendy