An Interesting Post.

The post that calls your attention

that needs your retention

is indeed an attraction

that  makes one read and read

with an interest indeed

advancing a  fine lead .


It takes you  along the ride

with a gentle tickle on the stride

where thee is nothing to hide

hide it may be so subtle

that not causes a hustle

but  puts you through the bustle.


In goes the lively deal

with a thrilling feel

extending  a warm heal

thereby they bring out an episode

beautifully  narrated within the board

fairly a strong and powerful  expression on load.


That be the grip the read tends

allowing a mirth in the trend

goes so all through the bend

holding the reader’s attention in rapt

as he in the course adapts

forgetting himself in the lovely pact.




Logs In And Off

customer_login_img1Logging in 

and logging off

makes the day

move with life

being a transaction

that commands a reaction

with a great enthusiasm

keen to read the comments

eager to note the stats

still more wanting to contribute

no matter what might be the response

a great inflow or a zero vis

which would not anyway

quell the participation

that might at times be spectacular

and most times be very ordinary.


Art And Literature.

An interest in art and literature
is considered a not necessary feature
where the people are bound by money
talking about it as if it is honey
telling the ways to earn interest
without struggling an idea to detest.
Whenever these individuals meet in a place
there comes the assessment of property in phase
adding the appreciation it has undergone
how much revenue it fetches by renting alone.
With that they do not stop their discussions
go on with how much they spent on celebrations
To such people art and literature do not exist
as they are taken through and through by money in and literature.


The Good Old World.

The father was away from home
The mother being at home
bothered about the money
and the interest it would fetch.
Supervising the kitchen
bossing over the servants
She admitted her children in school
with the full belief that it would
churn intellectuals on the go
but her children became nuts
behaving quixotically and looking funny.
The father came and was pained to see them
so he sent his children to hostels
hoping to get good results
Again, there happened the same course
with the children making nothing out of itfoolish children
That which is seen in early years
stood through all the years
with the father and mother gone
the children behave as frivolous as ever
doing nothing essential but everything invalid
all of them have crossed the sixties
Yes, the world is so large and kind
holding such people in its loving fold.

Actions Love Poem

Circumscribing Love.

Love takes everyone by its passion.
Talking about love is a fashion
as love is a theme of fusion
where two beings get together without reason.

The physical love is extraneous
focusing on the sensuous
pitching on the amorous
prolonging on the romance arduous.

Writings on love get famous
as they are most populous
presenting a subject glamorous
enjoyed by young and old as delicious.

Love is circumscribed thus
into a narrow fold of buzz
where man and woman do guess
speaking out sweet nothings in a dialect less.

Love extends beyond the body
as it stretches towards things more hardy
like that of affection, interest, patriotism in brands handy
It has no boundaries as it sets itself on aspects trendy


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Interest Calls.

The word is of great interest.

It is a delight when men show  interest.

 It is appealing when men  have limited  interest.

It is painful when men charge  abnormal interest.


Interest in things grows as such.

The feeling leads to a buy out as much.

 It dispels the fear  of the crunch.

Initiating a purchase in bunch.


Interest  on money accumulates so quick.

The lender plays a likely trick.

It assumes a stature of impenetrable thick.

Forcing the borrower to lick.

Interest plays the roles both.

It builds wealth  in  troth.

It eats up the fortune like a moth.

Condemning the borrower to froth.




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The Importance Of Reading.

Reading well enhances knowledge.

The  well read  impart best tutelage.

Reading thorough directs  a lovely arrange.

Intensive read indicates a wholesome average.

Reading entire releases a fine coverage.

In depth read embarks on a neat footage.

Reading persistently revives an extensive  foliage.

A comprehensive read  for sure expresses a leverage.

 Reading with  love is a lively  delightful  anchorage.

 Stimulating  read is  more or less like a  refreshing beverage. 

Reading  makes a man learned all through the age.

Banking sector in India thoughts turmoil

The Merchant Of Venice.-Modern.

Apologies to the bard on the outset,

Merchants did live in his times,

Portia   won laurels and encomiums,

Her name has stood the tests.



Banks have taken the  financiers’ garb,

They  are no more institutions,

They  exhibit no compassion,

 As they essentially  rob.



Shylock demanded a pound of flesh,

Banks extract ounces of blood,

Forcing the borrowers to shred,

 By pressurizing them under stress.


Interest keep the bank working,

While nominal index is the requirement,

High rates  reign the disbursement,

 That renders  the taker to a cruel dealing.



Securities are for guarantee,

Never for undue extractions,

The institutions resort to  distractions,

As they proceed to encash on  warranty.



Half the life goes out fighting,

The officials go in and out,

In the course of  default,

Plunging the borrower to a  circumventing.



Greed of Shylock was  a theme,

Eulogized by Shakespeare,

Avarice of the bank causes despair,

As sung by his fraternity with a less gleam.



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Spin A Yarn

Bales of cotton are opened up ,

The Blow room is set to gulp,

The cotton is beaten into a lap

Which roll out in a snap.


The lap is fed into carding,

Where they undergo a cleaning,

The sliver is sent to the draw frame,

Which recovers the fibre from blame.


The simplex machine contributes the hank ,

The spinning frames  commit the quality  rank,

Where the fibre is  spun  without blemish

And wound up as yarn in the premise.


Having been literally into spinning for three decades

Now out of it to a laid back upgrades,

To  a metaphorical spinning yarn  into threads,

Empowering  words and thoughts  to a fine  read.


Relinquishing physically to a state of rest,

The tiring schedules  that end up in extensive tests,

Expelling the  synergy out of the league,

The exhaustive exertions led to a  mental fatigue



The unknowing  entry into the world of writing,

Is a deep ,profound  passion of a long-standing,

Keeps  the physique in a fit selection’

Gives  the mind the much-needed relaxation.


The self is at constant work formulating idealism

Thoughts born  take the shape of  impressionism,

Words weave them into  a  format of narration,

The presentation commends a   tumultuous ovation.



The price of telling tales day in day out  is almost nil,

The monetary  portion needed for the work out  is of no fill,

The prize  of spinning words is a  winning laurel,

The accumulation of assets in abstract terms is one of plurals.