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Oh! Gracious

It is a wedding
where two people unite
take the vow of marriage
well, at a reasonable age
arranged as in India
love as in other parts
the occasion is historic
not to all but to the family
then why such a noise?
why such an ostentation?
why such an expenditure?
above all why such a fuss?
I sit behind and ponder
many think I am foolish
term me as an eccentric
call me a crack
Am I any of the one?
Oh! gracious, let me know.

wedding ostentatious

The Good Old World.

The father was away from home
The mother being at home
bothered about the money
and the interest it would fetch.
Supervising the kitchen
bossing over the servants
She admitted her children in school
with the full belief that it would
churn intellectuals on the go
but her children became nuts
behaving quixotically and looking funny.
The father came and was pained to see them
so he sent his children to hostels
hoping to get good results
Again, there happened the same course
with the children making nothing out of itfoolish children
That which is seen in early years
stood through all the years
with the father and mother gone
the children behave as frivolous as ever
doing nothing essential but everything invalid
all of them have crossed the sixties
Yes, the world is so large and kind
holding such people in its loving fold.

Beggars Would Become Kings

Grand was the morning
with a hot cup of tea
and a pleasant weather to suit
the day looked extremely cheerful
know not for what but with the intuition
that the day is going to give out an experience
or else release some remarkable gift
that would be cherished through life.
Instincts and intuitions do keep
these are truly the hallucination of the mind
working in a direction and visualising the same
hoping that is going to happen quickly and favourably.
if every thought converts itself into an action.
If every feel transforms itself into an experience.
if every emotion transcends into a poem
then beggars wold become kings
and bkings
Kings would look foolish.

Reva And Payya

What makes most noise? quoth the  master,

An empty drum was the  collective answer,

ay ! Nay cried   the   stupid Reva,

It is  I who can  talk  loud ,

Not at all ! shouted Payya,

It is only I who can   talk  louder,

There arose a jarring shout,

Each one  shrieking at the top of their voice,

Reva  speaking in double throated ease,

His vocal cord cracking like a broken metal,

Payya   uttering senseless brag

Liking himself  to Socrates,

Reva and Payya set  ablaze  the thoughts,

With their incoherence and irrelevance,

Giving no ears to others,

Chanting incessantly their foolish  tunes,

Extolling their wealth  and their praise,

Thus exposing their ignorance, ,

Leaving a cesspool of mire and dust,

In the version of their lies and tries,

Failing miserably in the eyes of all,

As  destitute  crooks and cranks.