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Wedding Of A Community

A wedding of a community
is a celebration of vanity
as they spend with a madness.

They circulate gifts days before
comprising of stainless steel and copper
large and small filled with murukkus
and mauvurandais (savouries:a speciality of the community)

They serve varieties of dishes for two days
including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The menu being elaborate runs into pages.
No wonder, the chef demands a fortune.

The shreedhan runs into millions
by way of cash, gold and diamond
silverware, copperware, stainless steel utensils
wooden almirahs and furniture all made at home
from the day, a girl is born

The highlight is a gift to the girl’s mother in law
a miniature of what is given to the bride
called as mamiar saaman murai
prevalent in the community for centuries together.
A practice peculiar.

Months before the wedding
the women turn busy
preparing vadams and mauvus
pickles and vathals.

The activities replicate
a small scale industry.

Revenue is in the hat
This mercantile community
considers marriage a transaction.
The highest bidder clinches the best deal.

Eavesdropping heard the bridegroom sulks
he said, “hell with it, vettithanam
damn money spoils the spirit.” Turning found
the girl’s demeanour equally sober.

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That Day —-3 / February /1974

That be the day  years back

as I recollect in a track

a boy just over twenty-one  years

and a girl not even  twenty years

both so young and pristine  in beauty

stand there with a smile

the eyes reflect a fear  and  tremble

perhaps it looks like a preamble

to the experiences, they have to encounter

as  they stand before a crowd of thousands

on the early hours of the morning

fully decked up with jewellery and silk

ready to tie the knot and bear the yolk

as the minutes draw to a close

the music from the piped instrument

nadhasawaram as it is called in this part

starts with a subdued note then raises to the pitch

while the percussionists the players of Thavil

strike the chord with enormous beats

the Purohit chants the mantra in earnest

as the boy ties the thali round the girl’s neck all honest

with that they become man  and wife  to the world

the happening being some forty-one years back

that be the day 3/ February/1974  a long way back

while the boy and girl have become old  man and woman

well into their sixties  still active and cherubic  in demeanor

proud parents of three lovely sons well into their thirties

blessed with a host of grandchildren  all  smart and lovely

Well, that   much and more  they have earned

nothing short of awards  and trophies

nothing less than fame and money

find that life  well lived  is its nadhaswaram own reward.


Poetry wedding

Oh! Gracious

It is a wedding
where two people unite
take the vow of marriage
well, at a reasonable age
arranged as in India
love as in other parts
the occasion is historic
not to all but to the family
then why such a noise?
why such an ostentation?
why such an expenditure?
above all why such a fuss?
I sit behind and ponder
many think I am foolish
term me as an eccentric
call me a crack
Am I any of the one?
Oh! gracious, let me know.

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Wedding on The Anvil

weddingThe proposal of a wedding
takes its flight on the wings
practically it is any other thing
need not cause a ring.

A happy disclosure it is
news of delight and bliss
likely it is an event to cherish
differently provokes a gossip in a hiss

The flow turns an overflow
the alliance loses its glow
manipulations induct in a slow
precincts of a distinctive row.

Does it express a sensation ?
The bride points to a distinction
The bridegroom sports an elucidation
reigns there a supreme association.

I marvel at this juncture
it is a mild and soft flutter
should go without any rupture
a harmony into the future

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Lady With A Gift.

It was the day before the wedding.
Relatives came in all smiling.
The reception was totally warming.
The dinner was absolutely loving.
There was gaiety and joy all charming.

The photographers were busy recording.
The guests were captured in unaware positioning.
The professionals had photographed the event with exact pinning.
That of a lady with a presentation in packing.
Alighting the steps in quick-moving.

She walked up the aisle in swift stroll.
Perhaps she had a second thought on the whole.
She went down the steps in a fast mode.
She kept the gift in the car’s back hold.
Assuming that none had noticed it in a droll.

The thought to come to the wedding is itself noble.
The presence of well wishers is in itself most amiable.
The sudden change of mind in itself displays a character feeble.
The turn back in itself expresses a pleasant weakness unamiable.
The small incident does not connote a conduct impeccable.