Like To Jump —-Haiku

Like to jump

jump  with joy all day

age not conducive.


Age not conducive

feel sad on the whole

activity being minimal.


Activity being minimal

want to live through happy

a sail smooth.


Wedding on The Anvil

weddingThe proposal of a wedding
takes its flight on the wings
practically it is any other thing
need not cause a ring.

A happy disclosure it is
news of delight and bliss
likely it is an event to cherish
differently provokes a gossip in a hiss

The flow turns an overflow
the alliance loses its glow
manipulations induct in a slow
precincts of a distinctive row.

Does it express a sensation ?
The bride points to a distinction
The bridegroom sports an elucidation
reigns there a supreme association.

I marvel at this juncture
it is a mild and soft flutter
should go without any rupture
a harmony into the future


The Heaven

It is going to be heaven
said all the seven
calling it in a note even.
Well, that being  clearly seen
they were all in the teens
enjoying thoroughly in keen .
The mirth crossed all stream
with the lot eating the cream
while talking about their dream.
The evening went on happily
with the friends  talking gleefully
about their experience  in a tone lively .
They had to disperse soon
as there could be seen the moon
promising to meet each other at noon.
The seven had a memorable time
as they are download (34)meeting after a long time
talking with no thought of time.
The meeting of friends  has become the trend
which is made possible with a send
while mails go through without a bend
taking all to the blissful heaven


Never mind In The Go

As a little girl she  was active

never was she images (7)destructive

ran up she in speed

came down in the same feed

falling many times in the climb

hurting herself in the limb

met with falls during down hill

injuring herself more still

cried she never at any occasion

telling never mind in every situation

she jumped and hopped all around

going with a merry go around

saying loudly never mind in the go.



Growing up she felt the same

as she never became tame

she met with many  success

yet she was well within access

she had a bumpy track down

but could see in her no frown

she pushed aside all her defects

which at times made her imperfect

she certain times got in a trap

but with efforts came out from the grasp

Up and down has been her way of life

Success and failures was found in her strife

lived she saying never mind in the go.












Round -Haiku

As I know
round is beautiful as knownvalerie
denoting a pleasure.

Well, round is
symbol of happiness and joy
a gleeful exuberance

Actions Anger Evolution Experience subscriptions thoughts True turmoil

We Do Not know

Up and down we go

What for we do not know?

Here and there we see

What for we do not know?

Right and left we move

What for we do not know?

Gain and  loss we make

What for we do not know?

Earn and spend we do

What for we do not know?

Good and  bad we commit

What for we do not know?

Love and  hate we relate

What for we do not know?

Soft and  sharp we speak

What for we do no know?

Kind and  cruel we pose

What for we do not know?

Smile and weep we react

What for we do not know?

Happy and sad we  be

What for we do not know?

Live and  die we  interpret

What for we do not know?







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An Entreaty

Milk is poured on the deity,

To keep everyone happy,

Yogurt is poured on the deity,

To make everyone live in gaiety,

Tender coconut water is poured on the deity,

To bring about a lot of sanity,

Sandal paste is poured on the deity,

To usher in a realm of piety,

Honey is poured on the deity,

To facilitate a spontaneity,

If only these things are given to the needy,

They would live in a blissful solidarity,

This is a fervent  entreaty,

This is an appeal in an entity,

That would take care of the have-nots fundamentally.

subscriptions thoughts

A Sunday Song

Once in a way,

On a  lovely day,

Go out  for a play,

Make life gay,

Enjoy as you may,

Over a delicacy in  a tray,

Sit over a bay,

Reviewing the bright ray,

Beneath the mound of clay,

There lies a   terrain gray,

That exposes astray,

Do not pay,

Any attention  say,

As it is a Sunday.