A Day Of Luck

It is a day of luck

I do have a lot of pluck

I move away in a tuck

I create an awesome  strike

be it  a sensational  like

it would cause a hike

that be the turn of the world

could be one in a believable  hold

well that could yield a rewarding gold

a glorious impression all the more bold.rewarding gold







Some Like It.

Some like it hot

some like it cold

that be for all

be it a drink or food

hot is better  for some

cold for others

be it news or  rumour

hot  would be interesting

cold would turn frigid

be it a mood or a temper

hot would show anger

cold would soften down

so be it always in the run

hot and cold plays the fun

with that I could say

some like  it hot

some like it cold




Like To Jump —-Haiku

Like to jump

jump  with joy all day

age not conducive.


Age not conducive

feel sad on the whole

activity being minimal.


Activity being minimal

want to live through happy

a sail smooth.


Like To Drive.

Like to drive
with the chosen graceful five
a delightful strive. drive


That Be Yours

Everything be not for everyone

your likes might not be another’s

your favourite confines impose to yours

that be the trend always

one man’s meat is another man’s poison

imposing on others your wish

bidding them to follow your desire

be that it may be your wife

or may be your child

that is not acceptable at al

as it might turn atrocious at one level

there goes the deviation

that work up o a congeniality

mush needed for harmony .

with that in mind you progress.

Actions Experience thoughts

Algis Are Like that.

He is close to the family,

Talks high in front,

Talks ill at the back,

Well, he is like that.


He enjoys all comforts to the dot

Makes use of all facilities to the core

Speaks as though he is not cared,

Well, he is like that.


He expects the best of all,

Grabs the most expensive,

Then speaks irreverently,

Well, he is like that.


He never gives back,

He comes empty-handed,

Boasts of his helping nature,

Well, he is like that.


He never spends a pie,

He lives on other’s magnanimity,

Proposes an empty toast,

Well, he is like that.


His wife also sails in the same boat,

Commands all others with authority,

Faces disobedience  at home,

Well, she is like that.


She is extremely sharp-tongued,

Waxes eloquently and bosses others,

Thrown aside by her own daughter -in -law,

Well, she is like that.


The couple is none other than Algis,

They jointly appear for all occasions,

 Their  presence is  disdained by all,

Well,  Algis are like that.





subscriptions thoughts

French Leave.

Like to fly away unnoticed,

Like to sink deep unobserved,

Like to pass  away unaware,

Like to slip off unseen.



The likes might  sound  as oddities,

Yet they are my wishing realities,

Releasing an  escapism  amidst trivialities,

 By embracing wholeheartedly the infinities.



It is a  French Leave,

It  is  above the sleeve,

Nothing much to grieve

Very  much dissimilar to a believe.