The Exclusiveness

The exclusiveness  I like

a way out from the rest

rather a way into the best

holds me to do with care

enthuse me to dare

a strain I do undergo

for which I forego

the comfort and ease

I guard myself against tease

go with a different approach

encumbered by not any encroach

it might look out of the blue

but that be my wish true

as I have lived so long thus

always without any fuss

many find me not to their liking

Well! it is my life I am living.



Like To Drive.

Like to drive
with the chosen graceful five
a delightful strive. drive


The Strive And Drive.

Never was it an easy strive.
Everything being a dizzy drive.
Had to work hard to go up in life.
It being a dedicated strife.

Doing the best at all levels in the stride.
Going across all obstacles crossing the tide.
Never was a recipient of rewards great.
Never was recognised early or late.

On that magnitude lived all these years.
Most of the time controlling the tears.
Well, have to prolong for few more years
Keeping up with the world not in fears.rewards