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Bible Says.

Love thy neighbour as thyself

 goes the great Blovethyneighborible.

How many of us follow the parable?

 as we love ourselves most in this gamble

as we do not think of any preamble

we get on busy with our ramble

forgetting that there are others in the stumble

waiting for their  opportunity in the rumble

but we ignore them without a tremble

focusing on our own advance in the dabble

where we like horses race to get the best  in the label

ending up at times with glory  in the  stable

but it would put you down  in all probable.

Just A Stone.

It is just a  huge stone,

It is only a  shapeless stone,

It looks expressionless and prosaic,

It has a  long story behind it.

It has a history unknown to many.


The faceless stone has been for centuries,

It has seen generations of men,

It has heard them talk incessantly,

It has noticed them pass uninterruptedly,

It has  recorded confidential matters  silently.


The stone had been lying there for ages,

It had not been cared for by one and all,

Disregarding it as lifeless stone,

Incidents took place around it.

 Yet, it lies there unperturbed from time immemorial.


You could  easily set aside it as a stone.

Addressing it as a pig-headed bone,

Laughing at it with disdain and contempt,

But do remember if it is turned upside,

It has a whole lot  to relate that would put you to misery.










Algis Are Like that.

He is close to the family,

Talks high in front,

Talks ill at the back,

Well, he is like that.


He enjoys all comforts to the dot

Makes use of all facilities to the core

Speaks as though he is not cared,

Well, he is like that.


He expects the best of all,

Grabs the most expensive,

Then speaks irreverently,

Well, he is like that.


He never gives back,

He comes empty-handed,

Boasts of his helping nature,

Well, he is like that.


He never spends a pie,

He lives on other’s magnanimity,

Proposes an empty toast,

Well, he is like that.


His wife also sails in the same boat,

Commands all others with authority,

Faces disobedience  at home,

Well, she is like that.


She is extremely sharp-tongued,

Waxes eloquently and bosses others,

Thrown aside by her own daughter -in -law,

Well, she is like that.


The couple is none other than Algis,

They jointly appear for all occasions,

 Their  presence is  disdained by all,

Well,  Algis are like that.