The Insecurity

Keeping vigil all through life

with a thought of being deceived

the mind keeps on blowing

while the inner self straightens

not with boldness

but with  ultimate fear

something would happen

something is amiss

cautions the self

keeping not the mind at rest

but placing it in a position

difficult and  distraught

yet  life moves on

while the man becomes old

so his longings lose sheen

and soon he would die

with the fear in his mind

that insecurity passes on

with generations coming up

how much there would be an advance

either way say by

technology and science

the apprehension retains its place

as men die with an insecurity always



Bible Says.

Love thy neighbour as thyself

 goes the great Blovethyneighborible.

How many of us follow the parable?

 as we love ourselves most in this gamble

as we do not think of any preamble

we get on busy with our ramble

forgetting that there are others in the stumble

waiting for their  opportunity in the rumble

but we ignore them without a tremble

focusing on our own advance in the dabble

where we like horses race to get the best  in the label

ending up at times with glory  in the  stable

but it would put you down  in all probable.


The Web -Based Philosophy.

The philosophy of life changes
with the people going ahead
in science and technology
adapting themselves to web-based life
as anything and any other thing
comes to them on the screen
browsing, searching, linking
all in minutes and seconds
very much different from the world
a decade back with posts and telegrams
taking their sweet time to get across.
With the innovations men like to align
with the fast tracking and dashing lifestyle
letting down the lethargic thoughts of deliberations
and discussions all long winding and tedious.
A new conceptual deliverance has come to live
with the tidings crucial and gorgeous.
web based