My Own Little Town

I had been to a town
very simple in tone
 had no fan fare whatsoever
 small  and beautiful as ever.
It had all the comforts dainty
 shops and temples in plenty
parks and play areas were  many
sophistication not so  any.
The people were simple and smart
 went  with their work as if in a chart
bothered not about cast or creed
 never one felt high of his breed.
The town being a quiet one
 proposes to have a lot of fun
music and dance  being the way of life
 the geniality felt was beyond any  strife.
Never could one see such a town
 perhaps  had an opportunity of my own
 nay I do not want to fool you more a time
 came in my dreams not once but many a time.
It was my  thoughts that created it
 if real could be one of a great hit
if it turns out to be true by grace
would turn out to be a lovely place



Heads Or Tails

heads or tails

The toss of the coin
watched with anxiety
up and up went the coin
fell down a little away.

Eager heads rushed over
knocked each other in the milieu
it was a lofty fly over
all eyes locked up in the manoeuver

The heads withdrew slowly
the lead decided with the toss
an exercise that is there merely
a factor that depends on luck.

The head takes the priority
with the tail in the back
a chance or an opportunity
that offers a way to prosperity.

The rise of the coin
and the fall of the coin
takes a minute of exasperation
an eagerness displayed with volatility.


The Missed Rhythm

The rituals and procedures
that go about in a marriage
sends an awe and at times frightening
where there is no importance to that is apparent
where there is a claim for the unseen or abstract

The faith in astrology is great in India
star and planets govern with authority
the other rally behind this cohesiveness
many alliance get detained by the expertise
which they call a science of great strength.

Astrology does command a respect
that depends on the person who practises
as many unlearned try to read the lines
that sound not exact but misleading
breaking many prospects in weddings.

Each event has to take place in appropriate time
when the stars and tithis are favourable
when the horai and kuligai lie specifies
while rahu kala and emakandam are not found
the good bodings go off in a spree.

India is ancient and traditional
still hangs on to the age-old customs
those that were seen in broad perceptions earlier
have narrowed done to strict forfeitures
that permeate all over with a movement not forward.


Bible Says.

Love thy neighbour as thyself

 goes the great Blovethyneighborible.

How many of us follow the parable?

 as we love ourselves most in this gamble

as we do not think of any preamble

we get on busy with our ramble

forgetting that there are others in the stumble

waiting for their  opportunity in the rumble

but we ignore them without a tremble

focusing on our own advance in the dabble

where we like horses race to get the best  in the label

ending up at times with glory  in the  stable

but it would put you down  in all probable.

Actions desire Duty Experience Study subscriptions Theory thoughts Wish

It Is Near You.

It is right in front of you.

It is very near you.

It is actually beside you.

It is obviously visible to you.

It is waiting for you.

Grab it says someone to you.

Do not miss it cries the other one to you.

It is a  bit of a quandary to you.

But   it is an opportunity to you.

Make the most of it is the advice to you.

Get going success is yours.