My Own Little Town

I had been to a town
very simple in tone
 had no fan fare whatsoever
 small  and beautiful as ever.
It had all the comforts dainty
 shops and temples in plenty
parks and play areas were  many
sophistication not so  any.
The people were simple and smart
 went  with their work as if in a chart
bothered not about cast or creed
 never one felt high of his breed.
The town being a quiet one
 proposes to have a lot of fun
music and dance  being the way of life
 the geniality felt was beyond any  strife.
Never could one see such a town
 perhaps  had an opportunity of my own
 nay I do not want to fool you more a time
 came in my dreams not once but many a time.
It was my  thoughts that created it
 if real could be one of a great hit
if it turns out to be true by grace
would turn out to be a lovely place



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