The music flows

like a stream in course

not with


The Cat On My Roof.

The cat mews from very near

sometimes it cries like a baby  in fear

sobs and whimpers on and off  at times

makes me wonder for a time

wherein the baby has come from

when only two of us live here

no others in the vicinity as of now

the fat  cat in my back yard with its hoofs

moves up and down my tiled roof

a thud like noise is heard  in the  night

stealthily crosses my wall in silence

a curiosity in its eyes  seen in  intense

as if I have intruded its privacy

cuddles under my cars  securely

enjoys the afternoon siesta  peacefully.

being so, a few days ago it had a guest

a big white cat  with whiskers  full of zest

both would take a stroll in the evening

the clock tower on the first evening

the next day  would visit the market CAT-03-KH0058-01P

the third day to the river front  for a while

the oil palm plantations would be the final trial

hope the guest would move back home very soon

as I am not prepared to have both of them till noon,