The Cat On My Roof.

The cat mews from very near

sometimes it cries like a baby  in fear

sobs and whimpers on and off  at times

makes me wonder for a time

wherein the baby has come from

when only two of us live here

no others in the vicinity as of now

the fat  cat in my back yard with its hoofs

moves up and down my tiled roof

a thud like noise is heard  in the  night

stealthily crosses my wall in silence

a curiosity in its eyes  seen in  intense

as if I have intruded its privacy

cuddles under my cars  securely

enjoys the afternoon siesta  peacefully.

being so, a few days ago it had a guest

a big white cat  with whiskers  full of zest

both would take a stroll in the evening

the clock tower on the first evening

the next day  would visit the market CAT-03-KH0058-01P

the third day to the river front  for a while

the oil palm plantations would be the final trial

hope the guest would move back home very soon

as I am not prepared to have both of them till noon,










meet. Poety

Those I Meet

While taking a walk

saw  two men talk

I passed them with a nod

A few steps ahead

crossed  a reptile with a small head

I hopped over it  without a fall.

In a little distance

two sparrows flew very low

I deviated with caution not to hurt.

As I turned right

a cat jumped from the wall

scared for a moment I stood still

Continued my sojourn

came back to the start

saw the men in conversation.

Talk the men all along

for hours together even longer

know not what for

yet they carry on.morning walk

characteristics. equate Man Poetry

Flagged Off

As huge as an elephant

as ferocious as the lion

as swift as the tiger

as stealthy as the cat

as faithful as the dog

as soft as the cow

as fast as the horse

as foolish as the donkey

as mischievous as the monkey

as with and as all

the animals come on a call

equate we the qualities of man

with the characteristics of the animals

that have the one vital one

while man has many qualifications

a mixture of all in one

mostly they are chemical compounds

inseparablelion  ferocious and amalgamated

Well, man is an animal too

with a power of reason

at times secondary to animals

who come out in colours

with the particular sign flagged off.



The curious he be 

he going in and out

wanting to know

what it was all about

that which does not concern him

no way he be involved

yet wants to know all the things

that be his way all through

poking his nose into the issues

that  crosses not him

or that never entangles him

he gets into every detail

asking why and how now and then

posing what every time

wanting to know more and more

that be his curiosity all these days

going with the idiom most popular

curiosity kills the cat always

so as to say it also certainly images (48)

would kill him one day



The Rainbow Effect.

The white cat on the red wall
jumped down on the green grass
beautifully kept with violets around.

It strode across the muddy path
leading to a magnificent golden court
where little girls in pink download (9)pinafore stood.

The girls were playing in the twilight
with the blue moon shining over them
as the black night slowly advanced through.

The fluffy cat  hopped over to the blue waters
that lay little off the  orange orchard
where her  brown kittens  loitered about.

Reaching the orchard she sank on the ground
as she being exhausted and tired
while the sky turned indigo as the night advanced.


How Much Unsafe?

The fence holds you back
while the gate commands you
making a free entry impossible
with the key to every lock
there goes a feeling of unsafe
insecure be the world we live in
with fences, gates doors and windows
not left plain and wide open
they be fitted with latches and bolts
along with with huge locks and keys
while recently there goes gadgets advanced
the surveillance cameras capturing images
and security alarms beeping every other time
mostly in the night yelling out in deep throat
waking up the neighbourhood to a fear
as if some big burglary is on
while everyone rushes to find out
it is a crossing of a cat
or for that any other animal
that provoked the alarm to sound so noisy
while the real assailing is getting through
the alarm keeps mum and remains silent
with the surveillance in the front
having taken a break from its watch
as it requires a holiday
to click images lovely and beautiful.frontsecuritylocks and keys


The Black Cat

A black cat was roaming around
it was black,as black as coal
No strain of another colour in a bound
nor any lighter kind of darkness on role.

Being black it was not slack.
it was daring and brave
and moved around with a knack
that it posed a confrontation grave.

This black cat came into my garden
squeezing through the gatethe day before.
I keep food for birds every now and then
only that much sufficient for the birdie’s repose.

In one bite the cat gobbled the food
walking past my yard in great stride
found out the food was for its brood
not to the birds anymore as they hide.

Blackie, nicknamed so, became a rowdy
as days passed by he proposed a terror
snarling and showing his teeth like a bawdy
making the children around cry in horror.

The cat which came leisurely into my yard
now threatens me out of the house
if I be kind and act tard
he would driBlack Catve me out to find another house.


A Cat On The Wall

A black cat sat on the wall
He was black as coal.
pure black and shining on whole
with whiskers long and strong
and looks sharp and on wrong
was perched on it for long.

Looking at it for a while
was impressed by its style
sitting pretty with a bushy tail
seemed to think in a trail
the events that had sailed.

He sat there firm and decided
No thought of taking sides.
Looked unfazed like a statue
apparently thinking of avenues
to get going in an aptitude
releasing itself from servitude.

The cat at the most opportune moment
jumped from the wall on to the pavement.
Started to run in speed without turning
towards the woods in a winding
On reaching moved into the dense
away from the wall and the master thence.

Black Cat


Harmony—- Haiku.

Smelling a rat
he moved like a cat
stealthily into it.

Getting into it
acted like a sly fox
destroying the harmony.

Actions Experience Poem thoughts

House Secure

locked house. Locking up my house
shutting all doors and windows
setting the security alarm on
installing the surveillance camera
posting a guard outside
flew to different lands far and wide
enjoying the scenic vegetation
interacting with the natives
taking note of their architecture
and tasting the food of the alien land
As everything has to come to an end
returned home with revived cheer
Espying the normalcy and decorum
Opened the door happy to be back
Then flung the bedroom door ajar
found a fluffy white cat lying snugly
on my bed curled like a ball.
Disturbed by my entry she got up
walked past me coolly beguiling
the guard, the alarm, the camera
ridiculing all in one go.