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The curious he be 

he going in and out

wanting to know

what it was all about

that which does not concern him

no way he be involved

yet wants to know all the things

that be his way all through

poking his nose into the issues

that  crosses not him

or that never entangles him

he gets into every detail

asking why and how now and then

posing what every time

wanting to know more and more

that be his curiosity all these days

going with the idiom most popular

curiosity kills the cat always

so as to say it also certainly images (48)

would kill him one day


The Tale Of Blank.

Everything ended up in a blank.

There was none to bank.

The heart sank.


All issues drew a blank.

Nothing was above rank.

The mind sank.


Most experiences pointed to blank.

They lay above the tank.

The emotions sank.


Part of life was blank.

It exceeded the clank.

The hope sank.


Little cries imposed a blank.

The weeps overwhelmed the crank.

Death sank.










Bewildering And Bewitching

Noise  in  dark ,

Loud or soft .

Is  bewildering.



Beauty  in  light,

Young or old ,

 Is bewitching.


Madness in men,

Mild or strong,

Is bewildering.



Wisdom in  human,

Small or great,

Is bewitching.



Stealthy in  walk,

Slow or deliberate,

Is bewildering.



Grace in gait,

Tall or short 

Is bewitching.



Rude in words,

Harsh and crude,

Is bewildering.



Kind in action,

Pleasant and helpful,

Is bewitching.


Truth  and fair,

In speech and act,

Is bewilderingly bewitching.