A Call Out Of Curiosity

A call from a senior

early in the  morning

an enquiry about health

felt a cordiality in her voice

finally rested on a query a

my innocence is exploited

as usual by many persons like her

she comes up with  a curiosity

will, I participate in a function?

I smiled   and kept quiet

she knows well that I will not

why  does she put forth this question

I really do not know.




The curious he be 

he going in and out

wanting to know

what it was all about

that which does not concern him

no way he be involved

yet wants to know all the things

that be his way all through

poking his nose into the issues

that  crosses not him

or that never entangles him

he gets into every detail

asking why and how now and then

posing what every time

wanting to know more and more

that be his curiosity all these days

going with the idiom most popular

curiosity kills the cat always

so as to say it also certainly images (48)

would kill him one day


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The Car Moves Slowly

The car is moving slowly.
Is it old ? I ponder
It looked latest and brand new.
Yet it went slowly.

Thought that the driver is old.
Little shaky and partially blind
to drive in normal speed.
but found out the driver is not old.

Then the driver should be a learner.
Perhaps he is driving for the first time
so a bit nervous and frightened.
Not so he seems to be an expert.

Why did the car move slowly
Wanting to know the reason
went behind it as though in a procession..
Last found out why it went slowly?

You might curse me for my curiosity.
Well that has been my way of life
seeing things that others do not see
like the car moving slowly.


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Encomium To Reading.


Read thou art thus.

Read more none the less.

Read without a fuss.

Read with a phonetic  stress.

Read aloud with an emphatic  press.


Read, read goes the chant.

Read, read is the rant.

Read, read is a common grant.

Read,  read   for an enchant.

Read,  read  brings about a pedant.


Read between the lines  with a curiosity.

Read between the words with a veracity.

Read between the quotes with a credibility.

Read between the references  with a possibility.

Read between the  punctuation with a  plausibility.


Reading goes through in different strains.

Reading  gives a lot of gains.

Reading ensues a stream of trains.

Reading well signifies a powerful reign.

Reading  all the more sharpens the brain.







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Distinct Thought

How to cross a flooding river?

May   sound now  as  a silly lever,

But  once looked a tedium severe.


How to move from one place to another?

May appear now  as light as a feather,

But once was a night mare rather. 



How to converse with  the dear ones?

May   have  now  become a simple fun,

But once was   a terrific run.


How to get connected with the world?

May  result now  in a circuit rolled.

But once  levied a  strain bold.





Science and technology had made,

Many difficult tasks into  stuff ready-made.

Keeping us in a joyful trade.