Poetry thoughts

Being in Such a Way.

Being in two minds

is of a precarious kind

being not fully  here

being not wholly there.


Being in different thoughts

is in a range being caught

being not acceptable as such

being not bothered as much


Being  in a place of support

could lead to a purport

being  not always independent

being not always reliant.


Being in such a way

would usher in a pay

being confident and gay

being strong would stay.









home Poetry

More At Home

More at home

never like to roam

a home is a home

small or big

like to dig

eat few figs

read a book  with interest

that is the way I rest

with that my life is full of zest

a read, a write and a sleep

with thoughts not very deep

I stay at home all the time

not matter when the clock and write

exclaim. Poetry spectator Wisdom

A silent Spectator

The thoughts ignite

the touch tickles

the words inspire

the experience teaches

the  years roll by

with days and hours

not a great difference that makes silent spectator

as a baby becomes a toddler

a kid an adult

an adult turns a man

with the wisdom accumulated

that be the normal course

nothing new as it is

you might exclaim

I tell you  all the more

natural it might appear

it has so many depths

and so many insights

that keeps us at bay

could I call them an intrigue

could  we accept them as the course

with mishaps and accidents on the anvil

with debris and disaster on the premise

with a fall down and falter on the path

I know not what to say

I would keep  away

I would be  a spectator   as well

a silent spectator on the stroll.


The Sequel And Theme

it is a sequel natural

no difference in factual

a flow in the  river  smooth 

not in a way uncouth

with the tides rising high

then they slowly die 

asymptomatic of the thoughts 

that   elude when sought 

the heart carries a heavy load 

could not hold it on board 

a pour out  is the course

I withhold them by force

 they are ready to jump out 

 do they do  so in a let out

my song would strike a theme 

one of absolute  dream 

sequel and theme


The Expansion.

The thoughts widen
when you see out
of your range
The mind brightens
when you experience
beyond your limits.
It might sound unusual
away from the norms
but whatever be that
the expansion is lively
the extension stimulates.
Go with it steadily
the enlightenment descends
with an illumination
that be the grace
that be the poise
which makes us better
than the counterparts.expansion


The Nuances Of Transition

The days fly away.

The leaves fall down,

The winds surge above.

The thoughts range behind,

There is a movement always

whatever be the posture

there be an up and down

that of a sideways expanse too.

The revolution of the earth around the sun.

The rotation of the earth on transitionits own axis .

The waning and waxing of the moon

all tell us about the motion

The waves coming in and going out

The sky clear turning cloudy.

The day becoming night,

all tell us about the changes routine.

The physic robust tending to become weak.

The youth in form aging to old in frailty

That be the nuances of transition

implying an intrinsic worth and flight


Thought Of Children

The thought of children 

bring to mind their innocence

the love they show  in expression

taking  us to a  delightful relevance

when we turn  young  and youthful

going  back to the days of childhood

where everything was wonderful

reminding us of the days  that could

spice and spruce the remaining days

adding charm and thrill to a degree

refreshing  the mind in  a large way

diffusing the cobwebs in a spree

exalting the spirit  with a sustained stay.thoughts-of-children-02-1226813381500927-8-thumbnail-4








Get Stuck

Thwarting the plans of others.
threatening to destroy.
throwing out in anger.
throttling one over nothing.
talking high in terms false.
telling lies in notes proud.
has been hs manner
has been his fashion
has been his life
so long and so forth.
Will he change for good?
at least now in his past mid age.
A thought that gets stuck
knowing him for so long



There are ways to find fault.
Going through in a slot.
Peeping through a hole.
Seeing through the whole.
Getting across in a hurry..
Passing comments without worry.
Hurting the person in grades.
Injuring the mind in shades.
Faults do abound when seen through lens.
They do disown when allowing a sense.
There is no absolute perfection in any.
If viewed faultwith discriminations many.


Randomly Said.

It is an abide.
There is nothing to hide.
It is a slide.
Not of a pleasant ride.
It is a side.
Going by the tide.
It is an aid.
Rendered by the paid.
She is a brideBe-Beautiful-Bride-With-Stylish-Nose-Rings (1)
beaming with pride.