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Far- Fetched And Far -Flung

Nurturing thoughts that are ahead of times,

Going about with plans that  bring in chimes,

Opening up  the world to  futuristic rhymes,

Establishing a regime  without crimes,

Are the designs of an intellect  in intricate climbs.



Ideas may sound to be far-fetched,

Executions may appear to be out stretched,

 Methods may look  extremely  etched,

Results may  bring in cheer  in the final sketch,

The intrinsic value is likely to be highly perched.



People may ascribe that it is far-flung,

They may challenge its veracity as low wrung,

They may oppose its enactment  as though it is lowly sung,

They may destroy the scheme as though it is overhung,

No one can put a lock to Man’s tongue.

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Qualities In A Row.

Thoughts and expressions get a glow,

When they enter a disciplined flow

They evolve a  code of norm,

As they get delivered into a rightful  form.


Wishes and desires take a cue,

When they pass through the right hue,

They emulate a code of ethics,

As they are targeted on  eventful relics.


Love and affection  holds  a spontaneous take,

When they meet the  affable sake,

They emanate a sparkling light,

As they get focused on an appealing  sight.



Kindness and mercy assume a potency of   blight,

When they perceive  the medium right,

They allow a sequence of beatitude,

As they bless with a  merciful attitude.


Peace and contentment represent a significance,

When they portray a divine reference,

They extend a cohesive synergy

As they pass through a radiating energy.

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Thaw And Melt

Thaw and melt seem similar,

But they actually are dissimilar,

Such that many frequencies

Differ in  subtle tendencies,

Bringing a  process familiar,

Which look absolutely unfamiliar.




It is a pleasure,

To watch snow thaw,

Slowly and steadily it starts,

Losing its fluffy form,

To a slushy soluble,

Shredding its snowy white glamour.



The stiffness slightly gets out,

While the numbness  gets away,

Performing a flexible play,

Promising an alert pray,

By striking a right chord,

At the propitious moment.




It is a desire,

To espy ice melt,

Quickly and hastily into water,

Dissolving into a liquid form

To a lively stream,

Of a lovely bluish silver.



The heat accelerates the  change,

Reducing into an almost  non-existence,

Mellowed into a mature state,

By undergoing a  physical process,

Which tags with it a mental stability,

Creating a less intense distinction.




Melting and thawing  generally

Are found in nature,

Recording a program of change,

Indicating that Change ,

Is the only thing,

Permanent and existential



A debate is going on in U.S.

The Vice Chancellors of universities want the age to be raised from 18 to 21 for drinking.

Most of the mothers have propounded the same idea.

U.S  is down tracking.

Legislation for drinking,

legislation for smoking,

legislation for dating,

legislation for what else.

Can you reform society by law?

Can you  breed culture by enforcement?

The most vulnerable age is 18 -21.

If the mothers and educationists who are debating to raise the age for drinking ,take a little extra care,wonders can be wrought.

Have a close watch on your wards.

Monitor their activities

Be careful not  to overstep your limits.

Do not interrupt their routine.

Give them freedom.

Caution them .

A river in spate has to be checked.

It should not be stifled.

If done so it plays havoc

Let the children , better address them as adults, blossom.

Let not they be suffocated..