Poetry thoughts


Fevers are so many in a row

viral being the most common

an ailment in a degree low

a reaction to infection in a summon.


Fevers of the mind are variant in a flow

examination calls for a fever too high

many suffer with a burning in a glow

a cause impossible to ascertain  in any buy.


Another category crosses my mind now

being the one of milk fever  of times

the nursing mothers experience in a blow

too much of a strain during the specific time.


Being said of the  illness prevalent  everywhere

there be many hidden and unforeseen  versions

feverishness  calls for a startling glare

being unknown they be real or feigned   creation









They Being A Couple.

They being a couple

talk together in ways

the man thinks he a scholar

audacious he is always

really knows very little

a great showman in terms

an empty drum in place.


The woman an equal partner

talks  as soft as she can

speaks one means another

a perfect match to her man

seeks faults in every aspect

from the porridge to the garland

both poke their nose into every possibility

she being manipulative and dangerous

very much akin to a fox in a goat’s skin.


These two are made for each other

one gossips all through the day

the other  causes a ripple everywhere

they too live long with such attitude

push forth and push back the genuine

well, it is the fake that glitters  and gleams

the real shines with a glow modest and moderate

the world would know the truth one day

the virtual can never overcome the real.






First cannot be replaced
best cannot be displaced
rest cannot be effaced.

The primary is vital
the secondary is trifle
the infirmary is in hassle.

The original is sober
the artificial is a glimmer
the rehearsal is a falter.

Thus goes the world
pretext is closely held
truth collapses instead.substitute


The Two Faced Man

He smiles at others
words fall like feathers
kind to his chosen friends
elegant in a trend
has two faces in all
the other one is a drawl
frowns at his wife
words stab like a knife
callous to selected kin
shouts and creates a din
he lives thus all through
his deal is without a clue.2 faces


The Fall Physical And Mental

It being an abject fall
with all bones crumbled
being  unable to  crawl
he groaned and fumbled
crying with pain  and yelping
he lay on the ground
with none to render a helping
his fear was real and bound
as time was passing in a way
between life and death
his existence was exposed to a play
releasing a sense  of dearth
so be all in reality
being similar in experience too
with the failure exactly
there would be not even two
offering comfort and  aid
when the downfall becomes prominent
as there would rise a despondency imminent



Acting Like A King.

Acting like a King

does not mean he is a king

keeping that in mind

the actor should  not find

a relapse and a relax on stage

but once  out of the stage

should become a real person

no matter what be the reason

failing to understand that

he is sure to  throw his hat

and has to cut a sorry figure

if not it would trigger

serious consequences  on the move

very much against any prove. acting like a king








Actions Anger Poem

Take Care.

A little while ago
in the early hours
while getting up from bed
the telephone rang.

Gathering the body together
Took the receiver
heard a loud laugh with
a noise of clearing the throat.

Little bewildered on one side
and bit amused on the other
in a tone angry shouted
Hello , hello, hello thrice.

The laughter did not stop
went on for a few seconds
and a voice gruff
spoke in mono syllables

Take care of you
Take care of your belongings
Take care of your safety.
followed by loud laughter.

The voice was familiar
but changed to deceive
It was my friend’s
who plays such games for fun.

Fun or real
such calls are annoying
and cause a fear and dislike
early in the morn.



Actions Anger Compassion Creation Default Evolution Experience feelings Interpretation learning Lesson thoughts turmoil Wish

A Toxic Ingenuity.

Left in a torrential outpouring.

It was not literally raining.

It was an abstract kindling.

Leaving an uneasy steering.

Unfurling a static feeling.

Creating a sensation inundating.

Fostering a lusterless shimmering.

Oh! it was a situation annihilating.

A destitution  was set in a fumbling.

A desperation settled in a quickening.

The forehead strained into a narrowing.

The eyes were profoundly welling.

The nose was quickly twitching.

The mouth was angrily  snorting.

The cheeks were fiercely burning.

The scenario was one overturning.

The good lost their sensible thriving.

The bad gained a plausible living.

Initiating a contradictory resolving.

The world revolves in a fleecing.

The genuine go about in a silent enlivening.

The cheats get along with a merriment enhancing.

There is nothing else truly amazing.




Actions Anger Experience feelings Interpretation Theory thoughts threat.

The Virtual Takes Over – An Allegory.

The gangrene  is in the foot.

It is ferociously angry .

It resembles a reddish flame.

The sore falls apart.

Blood oozes out.

It  glitters  unashamed.

It looks horrible and ugly.


Subscribing much towards an abstract gangrene.

It lies deep in the heart.

It is rudely ferocious.

It is soaked in jealousy.

It exhibits animosity.

The abscess bursts with force.

Letting out ill will and venom in one go.


The physical affliction is unbearable.

The wound heals up with care.

The mental agony dispels hope.

The extradition becomes a torture.

The body heals.

The mind suffers.

It is the non existent that truly exists.






Beauty thoughts True Wisdom

Awesome Magnificence.

I saw a  lady in pink,

With lot of  pleasant links,

Her hair  tumbled down her back

It was  soft and dark

Her eyebrows  bent  like arcs,

So well   a natural  dark,

Her eyes  floated  fish like,

Sparkling with a jumpy  hike,

Her nose was sharp and pointed,

wherein twitched a diamond untainted,

Her lips  appear  thin and curved,

With a gleaming  smile delicately  engraved,

Her cheeks looked  rose and rounded,

Looking like a dainty blossom well tended,

Her neck was  neat and slender,

Exacting a conch like wonder,

Her skin was milky  white none the less,

Giving out a complexion  flawless

Her gait was full of poise and grace,

Making one adore her in a daze,

Is she real?  Is  she really real? I ask,

I   look with askance  ,

She is  real ,

As she  started  to walk