call fall Poetry resolute

Deceived By All

Deceived by all

she stands there very tall

she did not fall.

Would have  fallen

as expected by  all

but she grew tall.

She grew tall

because of her resolute call

surprising for all.

she did not fall.

Her resolute call

flaunted others expectations in all

she grew

Actions Anger Poem

Take Care.

A little while ago
in the early hours
while getting up from bed
the telephone rang.

Gathering the body together
Took the receiver
heard a loud laugh with
a noise of clearing the throat.

Little bewildered on one side
and bit amused on the other
in a tone angry shouted
Hello , hello, hello thrice.

The laughter did not stop
went on for a few seconds
and a voice gruff
spoke in mono syllables

Take care of you
Take care of your belongings
Take care of your safety.
followed by loud laughter.

The voice was familiar
but changed to deceive
It was my friend’s
who plays such games for fun.

Fun or real
such calls are annoying
and cause a fear and dislike
early in the morn.