The Sun Never Sets.

The sun never sets

nor it throws sun-of-jamaica-910070_960_720 a bet

remains unchallenged always

retains its invincibility in every way.


The sun shines all through

more with a vigour all through

rests, not a time

waits not for any chimes.


The constant force of energy

leads to a solar synergy

a giver of light and life

never falls short of at any strife.


Millions of years it has been

shining  with a gleaming sheen

a wonderful star in the sky

a powerful one in the fry.


Many songs be there of the Sun

being a stock of sober and fun

yet it holds its torch above all

an essence of vivacity in all.








Inflated Ego

It is  fun to see people

say they with a frown

not being treated at par

nor been greeted  with love

the fault lies in them almost

forget they with a convenience

grumble and mumble all the more

pull their face long like a fiddle

talk not in a pleasant tone

scorn and condemn the doer

silly accusations abound

with that the cordiality snaps

arises a  difficult relationship

being none other than  inflated ego

has been part of the world from long ago.



banter Poetry

Two Leaders Meet.

The leaders meet

cordially greet

embrace each other

call themselves as brothers

compliment one another

pose together

comes then the question

very much required for the destine

how many hours do you sleep?

pops  out  the reply  with a beep

three hours a day says one

five hours says the other one

follows  then an empty laughter

Should  you call it a banter?

as these obama-modi1talks do not cause a matter.



Fun there be
with a tease and taunt
great be the haunt.


Earn and Learn

Learn while you earn
earn while you learn
that be your turn
which would be much fun
when download (73)both are done.


Truce _Haiku

Flesh hanging loose

came a man with  choose

forcing a truce.CALL-SNAPER-PRIOR-TO-USE-£££-Paul-Mason-1880682


The Day In A Swirl

With the day breaking into a morn
the sun came up and shone
making the world glow
as the  movements got into a flow
with a rush and a push all over
the sound and bound in a hover
a clamber there and a clamour here
the world gets busy and noisy to hear
meantime the sun rises up to the top
sending a significant warmth  atop
the world tuning weary and tired
with its inhabitants  getting fired
both by their heads and the sun
there being a desire for fun
which sets in with the sun going down
while the evening gets across
and the world gets back the loss
indulging in fun and mirth  getting deep
till they go back to slumber and sleep.


Eating A Pie.

Eating a pie 

with a shy

saw a child

looking very mild

with smile in her eyes

looking very nice

a darling in the  make

now eating a cake

but having a future  bright

as seen in the her face  right

face being the index of the mind

well, certainly she is a  great find.Pie-Eating











The Call Of Birthdays.

Fascination about birthdays

excitement over that special day

the fun that comes with it freely

and the joy that brings to the child naturally

could be expressed in no way.


The child about  four to ten mostly

feels at the top of the world intensely

as eyes run round her keenly

while she is cutting the cake gleefully

hearing the Happy Birthday cries.


The tempo goes on for ever almost

as certain individuals   on the  most

go through  the same thrill  utmost

with an even more exaltation foremost

as they cut their cake happily


ninety-one candles  lit.


Birthdays bring joy for children primarily

with a new dress and a celebration  regularly

while the  seniors  go with the rituals fervently

with a fear in mind and a desire to  have a longevity

hoping not to suffer any malady and illness

but badly wanting to extend life with a fullness.young-kids-at-a-birthday-party






Compete you may

not for laurels and prizecompete

only for fun