The Encomium in a Song

Awesome is the word

stuckmeenu Sydney midway in my throat

amazing could be the word

seeing the one kept me afloat.


A meticulous  attempt it be

beautiful  all through

an idea different it be

like to see it  done all through.


A thought of originality  goes into

one of being the creativity at best

would become a great effort unto

an expression of overwhelming zest.


The niceties expressed  all the more

keeps me aghast for a while

the execution calls for once more

as I watch it  all the while.


What a way for a kid to think ?

my ten year old girl creates

a Barbie cake highlighting the blink

the caricature itself elevates.


She made the cake for her birthday

a wish she  cherished for long

a precursor to many accomplishments  in days

being my encomium  in this song.













Eating A Pie.

Eating a pie 

with a shy

saw a child

looking very mild

with smile in her eyes

looking very nice

a darling in the  make

now eating a cake

but having a future  bright

as seen in the her face  right

face being the index of the mind

well, certainly she is a  great find.Pie-Eating










Evolution Experience feelings slice thoughts

A Slice Of Life

Heard of slice of bread for sure.

It keeps the tummy full all the more.

Heard about the slice of cake not unsure  

It makes the lip  smack ever more.

Heard about the slice of life in an assure. 

It is a narration of experience nothing more.


Bread is for sustenance no doubt.

It is the basic requirement for all.

Cake is for a difference no doubt.

It is a desired inclination for the tall.

Life is  a reference no doubt.

It is a practical restoration before a fall.


Slices  give directions almost.

Leading to an enactment in their way.

Survival is never a question most.

Enjoyment  is  also never a problem most.

Pulling on is ever a challenge almost.

So slices are but  reactions definite at the most.