The Tournament.

Going across the bridge

not in a hurry

saw a small ridge

something to worry

stopped awhile

deliberated  for a moment

crossed without a trial

well, has won the tournament.


Random Selection

It was a random selection
done with a distraction
never to any point of definition
very much simple in proposition
not akin to any perfection randomSelectionScreen
very common and ordinary
had to be accepted without query
dissatisfaction expressed in a hurry
would take one to pick up rivalry
finally end up in a terrible desolation
without any tangible resolution
only would be extreme frustration
leads us to a deep depression
away from any progress
an undeniable onus.


The Oscillations

Going back and front for convenience 

going through all sides easily

proclaim a dilemma.


Decisions once taken  good or bad

have to be adhered  strictly

be  it at any cost.


Long deliberations whatsoever

bring on confusions forever

delivering a fall out.


These happen everywhere

be it in courts or arbitrations

throwing justice out.


Buying through all these ideas

gets along with a falsification

which bring not a fair deal.


Oscillations do not work

just shake the fundamentals

procrastinating the whole oscillations (1)




My Goal

It is a long time deliberation

as why it happens only to me

all others get their rights

I being denied of all them right

I1379775152_KwTVY7MuRHyxgABNE2it_reaching-goals4.jpg ponder and I wonder

both being of no avail

I sit back with a sigh

blaming myself for all the deficits

only that I can do freely

as others around me go with my share

living happily and joyfully

never thinking of my plight

Oh! that be my misfortune in sight

let that be, I stand up again

with a renewed vigour and thought

let bygone be on the go

let me accept life for whatever it is

as no long could I go and fight

with the age going up with the years

resignation settles in with a lasting feel

might be another few more years

I would be around both alert and agile

living those years with a peace

and with a contentment is my goal.




Long Did I Deliberate?

A thought comes up

might sound little odd

but that keeps me for long

the purpose of living

forces me to deliberate

as I sit alone

watching the birds fly.

What is it I am doing ?

having lived so long

having to live for how many years more?

I really do not know

I see the birdsbirds  chattering

existing with no kind of plan

involving into nothing great

just working, eating and sleeping

has been my way all thorough

I notice a bird coming near a window

the  monotony of life has an effect

that of strain in the  routine

breaking would prove a threat

following the course so long

what have I achieved

nothing  real or tangible

I have advanced in age

the little bird sits on the window sill

I now look at it for long

slowly realising the truth

loneliness is only a feeling

and the prodding I did all along

have unfolded a deep truth

that of life in all its form

telling me about  being born

have to go through the life cycle

that is ordained for one

whether it be for good or bad

making it remarkable or functional

is not in our hands entirely

the will and the wish have to be there

along with the conductivity  and conduciveness

which create an environment of  meaningful transaction.

the bird in a wink flies   into the wilderness








With That Goes My World.

The morning looks dull

with people not seen about

nothing happens in full

as there is none going out.


What be the cause I wonder

I could infer nothing so far

as I think about in a ponder

I trace nothing great ajar.


It might be a holiday, I conclude

holidays are spent  not at home I know

as people go over with a schedule

visiting places with glee in a row.


What else would it be? I think aloud

while my son  sits facing me with a tease

What is your botheration now? he talks loud

Keep going not thinking of things in pieces.


Telling him of my deliberation  straight

he unable to control his laughter

holds my hand and says with words right

you have other things to care about  now and after.


Still my mind persists on its thought

wanting to know why the day is  lifeless

my son reaches me with a plot

taking me into the city for a drive   neverdull mroningtheless









My Worth.

The days I have lived

should it be fair enough to say

the years I have lived

that sounds good considering my age

have been spent on nothing I feel

having lived like a tree or plant

No!  that would not be a befitting comparison

as they have given shade and yield

I have been through with no initiative

just eating and sleeping all through

doing nothing serious and practical

can I ascribe my existence to a stone?

Oh!  that would not be a proper equation

as a stone has stood the test of times

remaining patient for centuries together

but I am worthless than a stone  greatly

Well, did  you say only now you  have fruitcome to know

with a jeer and a smile in recognising my inability

Well, that mockery is not without relevance

as I had been all through irrelevant.



The Serious Consideration

Deliberating on a point

wanting to find out in a joint

could one believe people around

could one go by their advice in sound


This happens to me in  periods

when some event becomes tedious

considering the imminence

overseeing  the  inference.


With the thought there arises a situation

as to trust the friends  with  total obsession

also to have faith in relatives seriously

gaining a perplexity in terms incidentally.



The dilemma sticks on all through

setting a nervousness not newtrust

believing or not takes the foremost

losing interest in the specific event utmost.











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A Thought On Carry Forward.

taxCarrying forward is a financial term.

Carrying  the loss  is to bring down tax .

Carrying  the profit is to lure investors.

Carrying the profit and loss is to run the show.


Well that is how corporates manage to survive.

Well that is how corporates revive.

Well that is how corporates manipulate.

Well that is how the executives contemplate.


Carry forward finds its way  into the registry.

Carry forward drives   a designed delivery.

Carry forward is a disciplined indulgence.

Carry forward is a logical reference.


A thought has led to many investigations.

A thought has brought about many definitions.

A thought for sure can bring about many interpretations.

Well a thought has  released a thoughtful deliberation.








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A Slice Of Life

Heard of slice of bread for sure.

It keeps the tummy full all the more.

Heard about the slice of cake not unsure  

It makes the lip  smack ever more.

Heard about the slice of life in an assure. 

It is a narration of experience nothing more.


Bread is for sustenance no doubt.

It is the basic requirement for all.

Cake is for a difference no doubt.

It is a desired inclination for the tall.

Life is  a reference no doubt.

It is a practical restoration before a fall.


Slices  give directions almost.

Leading to an enactment in their way.

Survival is never a question most.

Enjoyment  is  also never a problem most.

Pulling on is ever a challenge almost.

So slices are but  reactions definite at the most.