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I Go Back

I have a son
who is always fun
climbs he on the trees
calls from there cheese
jumps down with a thud
tramps on the plants with buds
runs up to the road fast
turns back without a cast
plays on the heap of sand
rolls down with a noisy land
it is curious to see him play
Oh, I have forgotten all the more
the son of mine is young no longer
he is a responsible father now
his son would play the same way as of now.portrait of a teenage boy climbing in a tree, backlit

Contentment discontentment Poetry theme

The Theme of The Neem Tree

The neem tree in my garden
has grown in abundance
branches spread on all sides
with leaves sprouting on every place
a theme of contentment prevails
as I look at the huge tree so great.

A shelter it is to all who pass by
a place of rest to the tired
a meeting place for the hawkers
a play area for the children
a theme of contentment prevails
as I look at the huge tree so great.

It is a tree that gives no money
it is but a massive one almost a waste
says my neighbour with a heave and sigh
requires labour and time to sweep around
a theme of discontent prevails
as he looks at the huge tree so great.

He knows not the indirect benefits he derives
aNeem tree walk down the lane which lay bare and treeless
would teach him a lesson in a short period
the breeze he enjoys around his home
soothes and smothers his body and mind together
a theme of contentment he would understand
the next time he looks at the huge tree so great.


My Lemons

It has been a long time

my tree yielded fruits

 they be yellow in a way

 not very bright nor dull

 a chaste colour on the  skin

round they were in shapelemon tree

 neither too big nor too small

 a pictorial effect they released 

 the yellow on the green background 

the tree not  so tall and big 

 modest and stylish on the twig

 the lemon has such fragrance 

 filled the air with a flair 

reluctant to pluck them asunder

 stood there almost in a trance 

 if left on the tree all the more

 would dry up and fall down 

 there be no use whatsoever

 took them in the basket 

 caressed them with love altogether

 soon they would be squeezes for juice 

 cut  into halves and fours for pickle

 the skin would lay in the trash

 years ago the cut pieces of the skin

lay  in the sun for days together.

 powdered and sieved  by my mother

used in daily bath instead of soap

 a nourisher to skin lending a glow

 a cleanser to the hair  

 turning it bright and glowing

 Well, I have strayed away 

from the tree to the powder

 that be my way all these days 

 from one to other I jump

 not focused and never attentive 

to the script and to the points

 What, a being I am !





The Tree Calls.

The   trees  in the garden

 called me near with a request

 hearing their call I went closer

 they bent down to talk to me 

I stood on my heels to reach them

 they bent into half  or even lower

still could not reach me

 I trying to lift  my heels 

could push no further

we , both at different levels

 being able to hear each other

 got into the conversation

 with the tree asking me 

 never to cut her  or uproot her

 as she is my well-wisher

 and would prove a great asset 

with her branches wide and largedownload (65)

 warding off the dust  and pollution

remain faithful to my children also.

Stroking her with love 

I assured her that I would never do harm 

as I relish her company more than anything.




Living On A Tree

Living on a tree
looking from high
see the world down
with men going up and down
know not where theyliving on a tree go
as there is always a thoroughfare
I see with awe
at the frenzy with which they walk
as is someone is behind them
chasing them with a stick
their face all seemingly worried
thinking of something that they have missed
I see all these from a height
feeling much for the human
who have lost all happiness
pursuing the mundane


The Tree

There is a tree yonder
as all trees it is huge
with branches spreading over
standing there for long
withstanding the wind
going cordial with the sun that screams though
with such a harsh note as burning
it still maintains peace all through
having been there for a century
near a bridge  that has  been built recent
where thousands of people pass through
generations nearly three have seen the tree
being a delight not only to see
but a place where one can find shelter
the tree has served with happiness
seen many politicians who speak lies
promising good government to the people
but could vouchsafe if it is able to speak
that none have kept up their words so far
the tree stands as a mute witness to all the atrocities around .
It still stands stoic facing all the mishaps .
Long live the tree for many more years from now.
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Over And Above.

The over and above

there be a branch

butting out from a big tree

where there are many fruits

easily accessible  to everyonedownload (45)

that being  in an enclosed garden

the reach is little tamed

thought the boys did not let it go

they stood up on each other

one over the other like a pile

sufficient to reach the top

got hold of the branch

shaking it brought  the fruits down

while the owner came running with anger

the boys ran off in such speed

while  the owner stood there helpless




Flower, Grass, Tree And Man

the flower blooms 

signalling prosperity

the grass grows thick

indicating fertility

the trees yield fruits

showing out their fecundity

the man  powers his strength

destroying the fellow human

the one or the other thrivesflower sman_and_nature_164025

not for their own

but to make others happy

while man gets stronger

turning his own breed unhappy

while tormenting the rest.

That is a flower

a fruit and grass

Well, that is also

the man at the last.





My Worth.

The days I have lived

should it be fair enough to say

the years I have lived

that sounds good considering my age

have been spent on nothing I feel

having lived like a tree or plant

No!  that would not be a befitting comparison

as they have given shade and yield

I have been through with no initiative

just eating and sleeping all through

doing nothing serious and practical

can I ascribe my existence to a stone?

Oh!  that would not be a proper equation

as a stone has stood the test of times

remaining patient for centuries together

but I am worthless than a stone  greatly

Well, did  you say only now you  have fruitcome to know

with a jeer and a smile in recognising my inability

Well, that mockery is not without relevance

as I had been all through irrelevant.



My Lemon Trees

I planted a lemon tree

and with it another a little away.

The two grew in great spree

one beating the other  in a way

healthy and lovely they grew

from a sapling to a plant fine

tuft and green in hue

a little while after  with a shine

came out the flowers tiny

blossoming with a nice fragrancelemon tree

thence shot up the little fruit shiny

dark green and small in reference

with mounted anxiety watched the fruit

that became bigger and bigger

turning yellow  slowly in the shoot

it was a sight very magnificent  in vigour

with a yellowish green  display

enhancing  the environment  with a  colourful play.