enjoyment perspective pet Poetry theme

Pet Concept.

Nature and love

flowers and birds

are often sung by poets

being the most emotional

is  a love of man and woman

with a joy and pain

along with competition

all sung by the poet

either in rhyme or free verse

absolutely emotion-laden

calling the   flowers that bloom

and the birds that cry lovelorn

sketching out a picture frame

with words impregnate with  lust

that do embarrass the sensitive

set a mood of pining and longinglove

insinuates and induces the same feel

well, that could be a perspective

and a theme of great enjoyment

which most love to read and experience

though not literally in a way

greatly while perusing through

as the love is the pet concept of all posts

and  an endearing theme of all readers.

Poetry theme

Alive And Dead,

A disturbance is there

Is it of the mind?

that could be any kind

as we  truly find

the mind makes a hell

and rings the bell

it  makes a heaven

and places it in a haven

the psychic and physic

both work in a trick

if there is a failure  in one

it fails the other one

mostly the mind is the culprit

as it destroys the body into bits

throws it  as a waste  down the drain

the body acts in a feign

becomes an entity  that lives through

that walks and talks  very much true

befits the epithetalive and dead. alive and dead

Contentment discontentment Poetry theme

The Theme of The Neem Tree

The neem tree in my garden
has grown in abundance
branches spread on all sides
with leaves sprouting on every place
a theme of contentment prevails
as I look at the huge tree so great.

A shelter it is to all who pass by
a place of rest to the tired
a meeting place for the hawkers
a play area for the children
a theme of contentment prevails
as I look at the huge tree so great.

It is a tree that gives no money
it is but a massive one almost a waste
says my neighbour with a heave and sigh
requires labour and time to sweep around
a theme of discontent prevails
as he looks at the huge tree so great.

He knows not the indirect benefits he derives
aNeem tree walk down the lane which lay bare and treeless
would teach him a lesson in a short period
the breeze he enjoys around his home
soothes and smothers his body and mind together
a theme of contentment he would understand
the next time he looks at the huge tree so great.

deeprooted never die Poetry theme

The Green Grass

I see the grass everywhere
with or without care
grows in lands bare
a lovely sight to share.

The green grass is thin
causesnot much of a din
finds itself into the bin
yet sprouts up again with a grin.

The tinier the grass seems
the stronger it is beyond dreams
spreads in a contagious scheme
gets rooted deep into the theme.

That way the grass grows
both in empty land and on the shores
either tended and mowgreen grassed in a close
or left unkempt and left coarse.