enjoyment perspective pet Poetry theme

Pet Concept.

Nature and love

flowers and birds

are often sung by poets

being the most emotional

is  a love of man and woman

with a joy and pain

along with competition

all sung by the poet

either in rhyme or free verse

absolutely emotion-laden

calling the   flowers that bloom

and the birds that cry lovelorn

sketching out a picture frame

with words impregnate with  lust

that do embarrass the sensitive

set a mood of pining and longinglove

insinuates and induces the same feel

well, that could be a perspective

and a theme of great enjoyment

which most love to read and experience

though not literally in a way

greatly while perusing through

as the love is the pet concept of all posts

and  an endearing theme of all readers.


Throw Concepts

Throw concepts on the wall

just fix them tall

 leave them there in all

 never bother to pursue them to call

 an attack would be sensible to fall

 otherwise it would be an addiction in small

 carry with it nothing in crawl

 a statement let out  in all

take it or leave it is your call

 that is   the choice of  a poet 

 who writes with sincerity  in quiet.



I, a Crook.

Gone are the days
when there was a cheer
that spread all over
not restricting to one place
but throughout in a run over
a lovely diaspora it was
with less gadgets to assist
more of physical work on the run
with cooking many dishes
cutting and grinding with passion
walking down the lane to the shop there
to buy newspapers and grocery
meeting people across the way
greeting them and picking up friendship
all done with no strain whatsoever
that intimacy has been switched off greatly
living on high raised apartments
with the new introduction of villaments
the house being large enough to be a villa
but still does not have a square foot of land
where the features looks high and expensive
display a trend ostentation beyond my comprehension
the possibility to live in a house encompassed by glasses
sends a feel that people are watching you from far and near
used to closeted living in traditional houses on a big piece of land
with the wooden windows and doors all firm and strong
and a courtyard at the back with space to hang about
thosdownload (47) proposition new seems odd and and out of my focus
Do I look like an old fashioned crook ?


Sharing _A rejoinder.

Sharing-Secrets-Little-GirlsShare they say what you have
Sharing is a great giving  in a way
it is all a concept so good  overlay
Being an apparent stay in the wave.

With sharing the theme of giving  takes the trace
Giving leads to a complete  stretch out
while sharing is for the timely lay out .
Being a great offering  and help in a  face.

Sharing all things be not acceptable
as it being a distinction of personal  and common
while this discrimination holds you  back often
sharing becomes a restrictive  probable.

There goes the instructions fine and in order
getting along with the thought to assist
distributing books and wealth in a hit
That is always been the course of a rejoinder.


Early Bird

The early bird wins its bread

finding things at the earliest

storing things for the latest

getting the best ones in its tread.


Being early and being timely

signals a trend healthy

showing early bird a signal for alertness

that go with a shrewdness.


That being so the earliest deal

gives a very lovely feel

as mostly it would be the best

that could withstand any test.


















Fund Raising

Raising funds for a cause

seems to be an easy task

it raises numerous doubts

being deliberated for honesty

being thought over for sincerity

as many recently go  by a proposition

where faith and trust  deviate

where greed and fake unite

putting to test the patronage

complicating the ideals to a demurrage

as many funds have gone out of context

spent not for the purpose in text

a shadowy event plays at the back

throwing the intention on the raising







Time and Time Again

Time and time again it has been proved
that sun rises in the east
quoth the man to his friend.
The friend knowing not what to say
nodded his head in an approve.

The man did not leave his friend even then.
He went on with his time and time again
saying that the rivers flow towards the sea.
The friend again agreed without any dispute
trying to find a way to get out.

Going on with his time and time again concept
the man came once again with a version
that the sky is high and far away
The friend was unable to bear furthermore
ran head over heels from the man.

The man did not bother about the friend
He went on with his time and time again theme
putting forth another brilliant idea
that the stars come up in the night.
Simages (77)o saying the man went in search of his friend.

Actions Poem

Modern Love —Haiku.

Hug and tug
are symbols of modern love
kiss not anymore. hug and tug.

concept Expenses Experience Poet thoughts

Un school.

schoolCrying the child got ready to school.
eating up whatever she could
she was put in the bus with a load
of text and note books and lunch
The little one carrying everything saw a bunch
of her friends looking equally disturbed
pulling their faces long they remained perturbed
of the day ahead with its toil and turmoil
reading,writing, counting and reciting a total boil
of everything with nothing to store in the head
an expenditure of money, time and happiness instead.
Pledging the child’s happiness in the school
feeling that they have given the best they could
the parents go about with their ways and life.
Does this not sound a tedious strife?
Can we not explore possible means to solve this?
Not sending the children to school is one of these
that needs to be weighed with fervour.
Children already in should be un schooled quick so ever.
Let the child learn by seeing things that is around her.
Let she examine the shape, colour and material lying near her.
In the course things would unravel gradually and ignite
the curious mind with a lovely shine.
The concept may be an out of box attempt.
It would definitely serve as a preempt
to the much awaited renaissance in education
that has mulled, muffled and strangled for generations.

Actions blue concept

Boys In Blue.

boy's roomblue.Boys are dressed in blue.
It makes a boisterous accrue.
His room is painted blue
It throws a pleasant hue.
His bedspreads are also in blue.
It tends to intensify the preview.
The concept of ascribing blue.
Came into force from whence I know not for true.