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The Age Old Biege —- Steeped In Tradition

courtallamHouse becomes a home 

when you love it

grows aplomb

when you live in it

incites a lively roam

within it

the  attachment  towards home

increases bit by bit.

The home I live

a sprawling one  as such

is a lovely give

a gift from my mother with a touch

you might believe

she be too generous as much

she did not deceive

at least in this  too much.

Almost in it for  three decades and half

I have become one with it in all

the pleasant colours on the walls  laugh

they  come out with a reliable call

I look through the minute details with a cough

as I scrutinise the cracks on the wall

they be not magnified but small and not tough

I walk  past satisfied  in all.

It is time to paint the exterior and interior as well

I talk to myself  loudly

the paint has started to fade slowly in a tell

I reminisce rather faintly

the doors and windows need a refurbish as well

I jot down the fields diligently

it would cost me a fortune I recollect the past as well

I calculate the expenses rightly.

I think of the colours and themes

a good combination to work along

I do, redo and redeem

as if I am composing a song

it is a task  requiring a seam

a uniformity gradual not too long

I contemplate the whole day referring the themes

finally, strike  the age old Beige  as strong.

The theme would match my home so beautifully

being a structure where tradition  is the sequence

I mix and match the colour with my home carefully

work on the spot the pros and cons in a reference

the  building would appear stately

with the solemn hue all the more displays a reverence

the imperious reflection is intoxicating and lovely

the chosen colour would enhance its charm with a difference.

Settled now with the theme and colour in a stroke

I indulge in the cost calculation seriously

lest it should not beat me and initiate a broke

I enquire the dealers about the price immediately

with the quotes from the dealers in the note

I derive the expenditure swiftly

a refresh of the bank balance in a stroke

I decide to go for it squarely.

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The Sequel And Theme

it is a sequel natural

no difference in factual

a flow in the  river  smooth 

not in a way uncouth

with the tides rising high

then they slowly die 

asymptomatic of the thoughts 

that   elude when sought 

the heart carries a heavy load 

could not hold it on board 

a pour out  is the course

I withhold them by force

 they are ready to jump out 

 do they do  so in a let out

my song would strike a theme 

one of absolute  dream 

sequel and theme


Sharing _A rejoinder.

Sharing-Secrets-Little-GirlsShare they say what you have
Sharing is a great giving  in a way
it is all a concept so good  overlay
Being an apparent stay in the wave.

With sharing the theme of giving  takes the trace
Giving leads to a complete  stretch out
while sharing is for the timely lay out .
Being a great offering  and help in a  face.

Sharing all things be not acceptable
as it being a distinction of personal  and common
while this discrimination holds you  back often
sharing becomes a restrictive  probable.

There goes the instructions fine and in order
getting along with the thought to assist
distributing books and wealth in a hit
That is always been the course of a rejoinder.


Early Bird

The early bird wins its bread

finding things at the earliest

storing things for the latest

getting the best ones in its tread.


Being early and being timely

signals a trend healthy

showing early bird a signal for alertness

that go with a shrewdness.


That being so the earliest deal

gives a very lovely feel

as mostly it would be the best

that could withstand any test.

















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Life is but a Dream

It is easy to dream.

They crowd the mind in a seam.

Making one beam.

It is easy to dream.

It  forms a cohesive theme,l

Leaving the mind in a gleam.

It is easy to dream.

It  solidifies into  a lovely  cream,

Rendering a pleasant deem.

It is easy to dream.

It flows like a stream

Releasing an inimical steam.

It is easy to dream.

It prompts a scheme,

Enabling an achievement supreme.




It is easy to dream.

It introduces a step extreme.

Telling that life is  but a dream.



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Snaps, Breaks,Blows

There was a snap.

Tut tut it broke in a slap.

It broke into pieces from the top.

Dum dum it fell in a flop.

It looked miserable from the slot.

Oh! oh! it lay in panic like a clot.

Its pieces lay strewn in the plot.

Lo! lo! there was anguish among the lot.

Could it be redeemed from loss?

Nay, nay, never could it be so in a toss.

Was  it a piece of glass that lay shattered?

 Alas! restoring it would be a task withered.

Was it anything that caused an expensive casuality?

God forbid  buying again would be a vanity.

It was neither glass nor a costly treasure.

It was  an abstract design in feature.

It was not visible in nature.

It was highly emotional in stature.

The proximity to the theme is drawing close.

It was  the  filial relation that fell apart in blows.