My Destiny

Preparing the stage with labour
writing the documents  with fervour
focusing on issues with insight
drafting the replies with foresight
has been my way of doing
when there comes the enacting
it is a quite  overcoming by  my maker_of_my_destiny_decisions_by_atomic_blondiebetter half
who steals the limelight with a big laugh
that stings me to the very bottom
and sinks my spirit to the autumn
quickly reconciling to the destiny
throwing out in disgust my last penny.

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Snaps, Breaks,Blows

There was a snap.

Tut tut it broke in a slap.

It broke into pieces from the top.

Dum dum it fell in a flop.

It looked miserable from the slot.

Oh! oh! it lay in panic like a clot.

Its pieces lay strewn in the plot.

Lo! lo! there was anguish among the lot.

Could it be redeemed from loss?

Nay, nay, never could it be so in a toss.

Was  it a piece of glass that lay shattered?

 Alas! restoring it would be a task withered.

Was it anything that caused an expensive casuality?

God forbid  buying again would be a vanity.

It was neither glass nor a costly treasure.

It was  an abstract design in feature.

It was not visible in nature.

It was highly emotional in stature.

The proximity to the theme is drawing close.

It was  the  filial relation that fell apart in blows.