The Doors Open.

The doors of my house
stayed without a close
had been so for many years.

The doors of my house
remains tight in a close
has been so in recent years.

The doors do see a change
that too in a range
opened and closed in status.

The doors wide open
now do not reopen
the opposing forces in tone.

The house once hosted the family
now has the oldies really
that be the difference greatly.

The house rejoiced with life
now stays quiet in a strive
not very much in live.

The change is so prominent
it has become dominant
findsdoors an uneasiness in the deviant.


A Holiday

Away from my home

a holiday it is in a way

being  a month and more

I  am out of home for long

hopping to strange places

back to the  den to rest awhile

I resume the move very soon

become  exhausted so quick

unknowingly arises a desire to return

as  the comforts of my own home

so difficult to sideline and ignore

press me to get back fast

nothing much of a difficulty

I now spend time with the dear ones

loving and cheerful the day passes

yet I am not able to suppress  my longing

the call becomes even more loud

I would be off in a few more days

back to my little haven

the space where I rejoice

the place I hold so close.



The Day Out

The mild thunder
the soft drizzle
the light breeze
give the day
a back up

The bird’s hum
The men”s talk
The animals shout
give the day
a start-up.

The rustle of leaves
the bustle of voices
the hustle of movements
give the day
a break up.

The still air
the dark night
the moon’s light
give the day
a close up.

That is the beginning
there be the ending
in a trial and error
day in and day out
goes the way out.



The Resonance.

glazba-glavnaLive it be in the air
that of music to share
keeping the eyes closed
heard the resonating flow
forgetting the sounds around
that be of the vendor in a round
lending no ear to the milkman
who brings home milk in a big can
turning deaf to the chauffeur
who gets paid the most from my coffer
I sit unperturbed and in peace
hearing the music flowing  through the trees
sat I for long with eyes closed and hands folded
as though it is an enigma that got slowly rolled.


Closing The Eyes.

Closing the eyes
while talking over phone
looks little out of size
being practised by none
but doing that by tries
has become my ownclosing
giving a feeling of flies
away from the reality zone.

It being a pause and cause
holding me over and above
not wanting to see the real farce
but keeping me in a flow
talking with concentrated clause
relevant to the conversation on toe
with no distraction in the close.

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It was a search.

Beyond the torch.

It was a start.

Far away in a sort.

It looked ahead.

Away from the tread.

Mind you it is near.

And it is very dear.

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Snaps, Breaks,Blows

There was a snap.

Tut tut it broke in a slap.

It broke into pieces from the top.

Dum dum it fell in a flop.

It looked miserable from the slot.

Oh! oh! it lay in panic like a clot.

Its pieces lay strewn in the plot.

Lo! lo! there was anguish among the lot.

Could it be redeemed from loss?

Nay, nay, never could it be so in a toss.

Was  it a piece of glass that lay shattered?

 Alas! restoring it would be a task withered.

Was it anything that caused an expensive casuality?

God forbid  buying again would be a vanity.

It was neither glass nor a costly treasure.

It was  an abstract design in feature.

It was not visible in nature.

It was highly emotional in stature.

The proximity to the theme is drawing close.

It was  the  filial relation that fell apart in blows.







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Algis Are Like that.

He is close to the family,

Talks high in front,

Talks ill at the back,

Well, he is like that.


He enjoys all comforts to the dot

Makes use of all facilities to the core

Speaks as though he is not cared,

Well, he is like that.


He expects the best of all,

Grabs the most expensive,

Then speaks irreverently,

Well, he is like that.


He never gives back,

He comes empty-handed,

Boasts of his helping nature,

Well, he is like that.


He never spends a pie,

He lives on other’s magnanimity,

Proposes an empty toast,

Well, he is like that.


His wife also sails in the same boat,

Commands all others with authority,

Faces disobedience  at home,

Well, she is like that.


She is extremely sharp-tongued,

Waxes eloquently and bosses others,

Thrown aside by her own daughter -in -law,

Well, she is like that.


The couple is none other than Algis,

They jointly appear for all occasions,

 Their  presence is  disdained by all,

Well,  Algis are like that.