The Interface

Stars and rains
sun and the shine
sea and the tides
rivers and the flow
keep me engaged.

Hills and the cliff
steep and high
trees and greenery
majestic and overwhelming
Impress me great.

The flights in the sky
look like birds
the ships on the ocean
sail stately
amazing to watch.

The cars ply in haste
traffic intercepted
the men on the roads
walk in a hurry
chaotic they appear.

The human involvement
create commotion
an usual phenomenon
hard to overcome
a strain beyond.


Marvel Of Music

Marvel of music

lies in the music itself

not anywhere  else.


Perform for music

neither for your pleasure alone

nor for others.


Being so always

sing with a lively soul

music is yours.



That be Of Music

rhythm and cadenceRhythm  in music

renders a feel of great

beyond any rate.


Cadence in music

releases a sensation of great

beyond any rate.


Said of music

a divine grace of great

beyond any rate.



Into The Lines And Curves

Love to listen

not in a way usual

being in a state casual

along with the chores

assimilating in course

the lines and curves

the ebb and flow in a surf

the high and base

a little of the true and false

a medley of  the real notes

on side with the imaginary notes

a sensation of great excitement

being one of an exhilaration

never bound by the earthly ties

a float in the air away not wisa_ma_ga_pa_phrase_in_sagittal_planeth a shy.







Listening To Music

Listening to music  in all

could be the same one  in call

lends an ecstasy in  full

none other forces a pull

music being that of a legendary

or even the one at entry

reverberates and echoes

tranquility  descends  in the course

the niceties flow through in a sail

lingers and spreads  softly never in a frail

an experience in itself  all too divine

a feel beyond the regular great in line.





music thoughts

The Nectar Drops

The nectar drops

not from the bee traps

not from the bee hives

from the music I hear

intoxicates me more

I lose myself  all the more

a trance I am in

unable to come to reality

a fascination I experience

now, just now, almost now.nectar drops.jpg



The music flows

like a stream in course

not with

harmony mellifluous Melody Poetry rhapsody

Musical Journey.

music intoxicating.It is music

makes you not  in toxic

leaves you intoxicated.

It is melody

extends a liberal mellifluous harmony

an exhilarating rhapsody.

Poem regret. satisfaction

My Music Teacher.

Sing with a full throat

that is all about

suppress not your voice

sing with a free choice

that was my master’s instruction

he opposed always the reduction

insisted on a fearless singing

his words still ring

as I go back to the years

when I used to be in tears

reluctant to attend his class

he never spoke anything rash

left me  to  engage in a  play

slowly  he pulled me into his  sway

made me listen to the notes  first

joined with him to complete the rest

He taught music   in that manner

hoped, I would lift his banner

I failed to give him that satisfaction

it is too late now to extend any compensation

as he is dead and gone  a decade ago

I have also gone grey  in the go.deekshitar


The Resonance.

glazba-glavnaLive it be in the air
that of music to share
keeping the eyes closed
heard the resonating flow
forgetting the sounds around
that be of the vendor in a round
lending no ear to the milkman
who brings home milk in a big can
turning deaf to the chauffeur
who gets paid the most from my coffer
I sit unperturbed and in peace
hearing the music flowing  through the trees
sat I for long with eyes closed and hands folded
as though it is an enigma that got slowly rolled.