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Musical Journey.

music intoxicating.It is music

makes you not  in toxic

leaves you intoxicated.

It is melody

extends a liberal mellifluous harmony

an exhilarating rhapsody.

My Music Teacher.

Sing with a full throat

that is all about

suppress not your voice

sing with a free choice

that was my master’s instruction

he opposed always the reduction

insisted on a fearless singing

his words still ring

as I go back to the years

when I used to be in tears

reluctant to attend his class

he never spoke anything rash

left me  to  engage in a  play

slowly  he pulled me into his  sway

made me listen to the notes  first

joined with him to complete the rest

He taught music   in that manner

hoped, I would lift his banner

I failed to give him that satisfaction

it is too late now to extend any compensation

as he is dead and gone  a decade ago

I have also gone grey  in the go.deekshitar

The Resonance.

glazba-glavnaLive it be in the air
that of music to share
keeping the eyes closed
heard the resonating flow
forgetting the sounds around
that be of the vendor in a round
lending no ear to the milkman
who brings home milk in a big can
turning deaf to the chauffeur
who gets paid the most from my coffer
I sit unperturbed and in peace
hearing the music flowing  through the trees
sat I for long with eyes closed and hands folded
as though it is an enigma that got slowly rolled.

Excellence In Exuberance

artistic excellence




Excellence in exuberance

The artistic excellence seen in any area

be it in poetry or painting

much so in music and sculptor

is a studied pain of creativity

The creative skill in each one of us

comes to the brim in an effervescence

carrying with a lot of relevance

that be the outcome of that specific moment.

Gathering all along in the innermost

getting processed in the mind at the full most

growing with the days at the most

the mounted up passion finds its way almost.

Once it gets into the canvas

be it a write up or a poem

be it a recital or a piece of art

the exuberance spills all over .

There we find a masterpiece

the real craftsman’s endearing work

that is going to create a sensation

aspiring to become a legend  in time.

Move Being There

The wheels move 

the legs move

the economy moves

the music moves

there be a move all over.


The movement being so imminent

with not that the world

comes to an end  and a shalt

full stopping the eternity.


The top gear in the move

being an inclination

going with a determination

for a progress prospective.


the gear being set

goes the move in acceleration

there be a break

then the setting collapses


That being the mmoveotion

the roll and scroll catch the flow

aspiring to become the top

ascribing a definite shot.


The ball in motion

meanders through all proportions

flying to the pinnacle

reaching the culmination.


The wheels move

the legs move

the  economy moves

the music moves

there ba move all over.



Musical Conjunctions.

Great be the diversity 

with languages and dialects

being distinctive and different

discriminating  the vernacular

there rises up a  sequence spectacular

a deviation in  a direction

that brings in a uniformity

where men  throng  in unity

that be to a  popular 04c3a3c3b9416f42e087e36bd98a2a46junction

where there be musical conjunction

be it western or eastern classical

whether it  be light music or rock typical

there  is seen a  unanimous appreciation

being that very well that music is a wonderful application

attracting to its  centre the loveliest and greatest.


The Fancies Of Each

Fancies hold us much and great 

let them be imagination in a rate

‘ let them be poetic  in subjectiveness

let them be music   in objectiveness

they bind us to an extent all the way

that we get swayed  away

losing our self  in their exuberance

forgetting that is around  in relevance

immersing the self in those fancies

forgetting ourselves in their nuances

not remembering our duties at all

becoming one with them in all

such be the role of fanciful   inclinations

and that being the distinction

that makes one excel in his  pursuits

claim fame in his fancies and conduits

be that a gift unknowing and blessed fancies

allowing one to stand out from the crowd.