Blood For Bread—– Allegory

it is a bread

an ordinary bread

not a whole loaf of bread

but a morsel of bread

that led to a blood

gory and fierce blood

a splatter all over of blood

fearful sight of blood

the fight for the bread

brought out this blood

humanity and its bred

demand the blood

for a piece of bread

hunger and anger instead

want bread and blood

ends up with a lot of blood

but without  a piece of bread.Blood for bread.


The Reluctance

cookThe bowl being empty
with nothing in stock
reluctant to prepare anything
sat in a corner stiffly bored
the day in and day out
handling the ladle and vessels
boiling rice in the pan
into the making of broth
and the salads colourful
becomes a bug bear
so now in a status
with nothing in preparation
no material ready to eat
with the hunger unabated
and the strain in doing things
appeasing the hunger with water
sitting once again in the corner
with a fatigue not felt ever
the eyelids closing with a vigour
off into an hallucination
with dreams coming in a sequence
not relating to any consequence.


Come Down

You living in a world of dreams.
and living in a glass house
while building castles in the air
galloping fast on the horse
that is saddled with imagination
come down to the present
not on a horse or on the wings
just take a stroll round the town
walking at your own pace and style
not with great hurry but in leisure
you would get an experience new
that of hunger and disease
with deficit and death all over
where the inflation has played havoc
where there is no economy or financials
that of the research, analysis and thesis
but abject poverty and abominable rejection
where people are lying on roads begging for food
and playing music for a penny
are the many expressions that escape your attention
rather do not exist in your lexicon.
Let me tell you have a look at all these
and violintell me what you feel.


The Attitude Of Hunger- Haiku

Hunger is anger
evoking emotions from the heart
inducing eating pangs

Hunger is abstract
causing a sensation felt much
but not seen.

Hunger is desire
inducing a love for knowledge
not easily satisfied.

Hunger is lust.
insinuating rude and sensual violence
crying for contempt.images (56)

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Hunger is strange
behaving in an abnormal scale
an attitude different.


Appeasing Hunger.

Hunger is the deepest anguish
that could lead to a perish.
It is a tragedy that could be overtaken
but left in lurch by all rather forsaken
Hunger is simple and inexpensive.
but perennial images (55) and destructive.
Any hunger for that matter
could be satiated by proper care and cater
going together with prudent adaptations..
Let go the hunger
then it becomes anger
promoting an intolerance
which culminates in violence.

Hunger is striking and unbearable
propelling a situation deplorable.
Hunger gets quenched in a wink
with a morsel of bread in the link.
Getting controlled it releases an ease
and directs to a sentimental please.
This saturation is short-lived
as again the necessity for food rides
and over and again there starts a patch
new and fresh consumption of food in a catch
Appeasing hunger is not very dear
but the continuity gives a fear
that of funding the meals in the gear.


The Hunger For Food.

little girlThe eyes speak volumes
They are tiny little ones sparkling
with sadness and a feel.
The blue eyes, see the blue skies above
and the green landscape around
with people moving in a busy thorough fare,
seeking a morsel of bread
as the child with such lovely eyes.
had gone without food for the past day

Not wanting to beg
but is forced to seek alms
the child hesitantly puts her arms forward
then pulls it back
The pride still lurks
and still irks
placing the child in a dilemma
in a post far from approval.

The hunger is so killing
making her suffer
The child being orphaned at young age
keeps loitering in the streets
uncared for years together
unfed for days together.
Helpless people move forward
giving her what they could.

The girl if taken care
would turn out to be an asset
as one could see a potential
and a greatness in her
If left wandering in the streets
the girl would not only lose
but the community also would
feel guilty as a partcipant in the deprive.


Hunger Gets over.——————-Haiku.

The hunger strikes
that of food and drink
appeased in time.

The hunger calls
that of books and knowledge
wanting many more.

Hunger gets over
but stop-hungerknowledgesticks on all time
depending on context.

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Feeding A Child

feedingMy child does not eat is every mother’s groan.
He eats too little and looks like a bone.
Oh! he would turn weak cries the mother in a sad tone.

It is an unnecessary worry says the grand mother.
She talks with experience in an authenticated tether.
She brushes aside the fear to a thither.

The child would not resist hunger all times
He would eat when his tummy lets out a chime.
He knows to balance the diet with required enzymes.

Pushing food down the gullet is extraneous.
Feeding him when he is not hungry is erroneous.
Compelling him to gobble food is fallacious.

Most mothers want their ward to grow instantly.
They wish their child to become strong immediately.
They show impatience in seeing them gain weight gradually.

Well, a child is not a lifeless being.
He has to assimilate things in periods intervening.
Lest it would lead to a suffocation stifling.