entry Nine Gates Poetry

The Nine Gates In Line

A mother’s womb is so warm

as the baby glides slowly it cries shrill

as if it is out in a storm

when laid on the mother’s bosom

it sleeps quiet and calm.


The child sucks the breast hard

finds no milk at once

there hangs the umbilical cord

stained in damp red blood

illustrates the birth bold.


The phenomenon of growth

from childhood to adulthood

arranged with learning in all likelihood

as the child attains manhood

with intentions all good.


Love and hate cross intermittent

there is a conflict well displayed

with the abhorrence gaining a determinant

love in a scope is not prominent

the clash of egos become imminent.


The contradictions are magnified much

the feuds take the magical wand

they easily dislocate the fastened bond

the I in me and the I in you are around

the battle is fought, one losing the ground.


A slight adjustment here

a light alteration there

could bring in wonders with a shine

the resultant be an endearment fine

that would open all the nine gates in line.

nine gates>


Physical Turning Abstract.


The womb holding the child

that be for full ten months

going through much strain and pain

delivers a babe full grown

ushering in joy and mirth.


The babe grows into a toddler

almost inseparable from the  mother

nestling close to her bosom

this might last for a term short.


The boy in his full form

swaggers away from his mom

playing well away from her

coming to her when in need.


670px-Deliver-a-Baby-Step-9-Version-2The phase of growth takes over

he becoming an adolescent

likes the company of the mother

opting a much external tie up.


The ten month bondage  is strong  and binding

yet the mother need to understand

that growth is phenomenal  and vibrant

be it in physical or mental.


The maturity that comes  with the years

reminds him of his duty towards the mother

they indicate a self-sufficient stand

not meaning a total dependence.


This being the state of human growth.

that of a baby to an adult in a stroke

where alignment wean off  gradually

with the physical turning abstract



Growth Phenomenon

The desire in man grows horizontally.

The greed in him spgrowth and fallurts vertically.

With the desire and greed together he looks tall

unaware of the moment he is going to fall.


An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
goes the maxim with an emphatic stress
many fruits claim the same way
as they also have nutrition in excess.
Fruits do give adequate vitamins in the fray
while they are new and deliciously fresh
They release a healthy growth on the way
when consumed in right proportional plus.
Every fruit has a lovely taste for sure
Some are sweet and mouth-watering to eat
others are sour but still a delight for ever.
Few are though bitter still tasty beyond beat.
Not apple alone is healthy say the rest in chorus
With pears and grapes claiming the top rank
while mango and tropical fruits call with an arouse
plums and peaches speak out in a voice a bit tanked
the lesser known ones mangostin and durian give a chose
being liked by a few and detested by many keeping away from the bankapple
With their voices heard with a bang and with a whisper altogether
one can conclude that the maxim is just a careless include.


Mushroom Growth

Mushrooming everywhere the small plants grow.
They grew in such a density giving the area a green
The carpet like greenery was a look great
but the feel was something not great.
The thick mushrooming was a sign of distraction
a deviation from the normal progress of fauna and flora
a sign of decay and terrible trends unexpected.
The small plants were highly poisonous
and even a pinch of it would turn the danger
forecasting a serious aliment or even death.
A slight touch would surely bring about a rash
a gigantic rash that would cause a swelling
and a fever leading to hospitalization
more or less to the fatal point.
Some get back after peeping into the trap
but others less fortunate succumb to the venom.
A tragedy unfolds with an untold misery
bringing tears and sadness plants poisonouscopious.

Actions authority Experience feelings Message Poem thoughts

Feeding A Child

feedingMy child does not eat is every mother’s groan.
He eats too little and looks like a bone.
Oh! he would turn weak cries the mother in a sad tone.

It is an unnecessary worry says the grand mother.
She talks with experience in an authenticated tether.
She brushes aside the fear to a thither.

The child would not resist hunger all times
He would eat when his tummy lets out a chime.
He knows to balance the diet with required enzymes.

Pushing food down the gullet is extraneous.
Feeding him when he is not hungry is erroneous.
Compelling him to gobble food is fallacious.

Most mothers want their ward to grow instantly.
They wish their child to become strong immediately.
They show impatience in seeing them gain weight gradually.

Well, a child is not a lifeless being.
He has to assimilate things in periods intervening.
Lest it would lead to a suffocation stifling.