alphabet song Poetry

A For Apple

A for apple
shout the children in a babble
jumping on the table.

Being a song
has been there for long
the alphabet song.

A for apple

benefit complexion Poetry welfare.

Fruits And Vegetables —– A Song

Fruits have colours

 the colour of lemon

 so charming and yellow,

that of the  juicy orange

so flaming and orange

well, that be in the name

the blueberries

so cute and Royal

with the strawberries

the colour goes missing

and where comes the straw

the bright apples

with their healthy red

a display of robustness

along with the green ones

which show a thrive

not withholding the mango

so green when unripe

and orangish yellow when ripe

the colours restrain not only with fruits

extend to the vegetables too,

with beetroots having a bloody tinge

and carrots give out a pleasant complexion

the eggplants propose a violetish shade

go the lady’s finger and chillies in shiny green

I can go with the shades and fades

anyway eating them would enhance your complexion

yes, that is why the fruits and vegetables are made so

eapple and carrot.specially for your benefit  and welfare.

mother Poetry

Apple Of My Mother’s Eye

The pictures of me when young

looking very robust and strong

smiling with no worries at all

cherubic and chubby in all

eyes glittering with a twinkle

the skin  showing no wrinkles

the thoughts very much clear

the outlook was none of fear

moving  with ease all around

spreading happiness  in rounds

was  an apple of my mother’s eye

though a little reserved and a bit shy

I lived like a princess in the household

which now looks dilapidated  and is applein many folds.


An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
goes the maxim with an emphatic stress
many fruits claim the same way
as they also have nutrition in excess.
Fruits do give adequate vitamins in the fray
while they are new and deliciously fresh
They release a healthy growth on the way
when consumed in right proportional plus.
Every fruit has a lovely taste for sure
Some are sweet and mouth-watering to eat
others are sour but still a delight for ever.
Few are though bitter still tasty beyond beat.
Not apple alone is healthy say the rest in chorus
With pears and grapes claiming the top rank
while mango and tropical fruits call with an arouse
plums and peaches speak out in a voice a bit tanked
the lesser known ones mangostin and durian give a chose
being liked by a few and detested by many keeping away from the bankapple
With their voices heard with a bang and with a whisper altogether
one can conclude that the maxim is just a careless include.

Actions command Enrichment Experience Inspiration Interpretation reason Religion Truth.

Truth is religion – God is Truth

my godtruthA for apple points out the little girl in cheer
B for ball shouts another little one in gear.
So goes the identification of alphabets without fear.
The child learns the language as years fold.
Mastering the language she achieves a status gold.
Her observations bring out a lively union.
while apple and ball fall back into the oblivion.

Christ is held in high esteem by Christians with no substitution.
Shiva holds the sway over the Hindus of Saivite tradition.
Vishnu adds fervour to an Hindu sect of another definition.
Hinduism abounds in infinite nomenclature.
Mohamed is the renowned prophet of Islamic culture
Buddha is the originator of Buddhism.
Religions find their way assuring multi fold ism

Apple and ball make the child to recognise letters
as they are necessary for the young mind to rise above fetters.
Facilitating a learning with a skill to analyse better.
Holy scriptures make Man to derive truth from the tenets
The idols are like patrolling sergeants reprimanding the erring tenants.
They provide him with a comprehensive enrichment in the strike.
Singing rhymes and hymns deliver grace to child and Man alike

As alphabets form the basis of language in general
idols personify “Truth” in specific annals
As language clads the ideas with links careful
truth discovers the ideals through distinctions lawful
Knowledge calls for dedication and sincerity
as truth eulogizes the righteous and shuns infidelity.
So it goes “Truth” is religion and God is “Truth”.