A Street Car

A street car named desire

could rout any of a liar

even in situations dire

wherever it be even in a shire

as it spirals up the entire

leaves nothing in the near

that be its power rather queer

would  bring a fall in a fear.






One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

Shirts as gifts

not to one but to all

not one in the  number

be it two, three,

four and five.


Primarily  to the grandfather

secondary  to the son in law

finally to the three

grandsons in all

the digits tally.


The gifts are takeaways

nay grab away

the old man so active ‘

not in others

but in this most.


Saw the incident

was an amusement

to a degree

more so of  a desire

to the larger extent.


One, two, three

four and five

goes in order

blessed be the grandpa

not wanting for his wife










A Holiday

Away from my home

a holiday it is in a way

being  a month and more

I  am out of home for long

hopping to strange places

back to the  den to rest awhile

I resume the move very soon

become  exhausted so quick

unknowingly arises a desire to return

as  the comforts of my own home

so difficult to sideline and ignore

press me to get back fast

nothing much of a difficulty

I now spend time with the dear ones

loving and cheerful the day passes

yet I am not able to suppress  my longing

the call becomes even more loud

I would be off in a few more days

back to my little haven

the space where I rejoice

the place I hold so close.



The Fire in the Belly

The fire in the belly

turns and churns in speed 

the heart ravages wholly

wanting to achieve  the full feed

striving hard finds no place

struggling with effort lands nowhere

the ambitious mind go dazed

the longing  heart  loses its care

the fire  in the process is extinguished

and the wish fire in the belly falls down  defeated.



The Desire Mounting

Total Contentment BullfrogAny desire is an outcome 

that be of food or shopping

or be of achievement and power

arising out of a need , requirement

or more subtly termed as discontent.


The pressing need overwhelms

the desire punches out extensively

a craving sets in disastrously

a longing lasts deliberately

that cannot be checked at cost.


The food prepared at home

being not to taste and palatable

with no variety and style in the go

the liking to dine out

spurts  up incessantly .


The requirement of things

that be the accessories

or be the provisions

a one time shopping would do

being pervasive and invasive.


The small and tiny purchase

necessitated by the love for buying

prompts a go out  for the sake

that be the habit prone

could do nothing but to rush out.

The satisfaction with what one has

be it food ,power or wealth

the contentment one develops

during the course of life

settles their want and presents no venturing.


As I talk and write now’

I could visualise for sure

many rising their brows

looking daggers at me

calling me an anachronism

an out dated person in the go.


Preferences In The Way

The desire to go out
that being a compulsion  throughout
be it a neccessity or not ina close
getting out of the house
turns an obsession all throughout.

This be the thought of many
the deisre being not funny
catches itself like a fire
sets in a glow without tire
a firm outlook in a way.

A few feel not so
preferring to sit at home
settled in the comfort zone
enabling a procure with a  phone
a strange phenomenon in the fray.

They being quiet and calm
taking life in its form
seeking the solace at home
getting things done without a roam
a curious being seen less in the routine.

The preferences go with the individual
that being so in every ritual
be it in shopping download (22)or entertainment
presenting an attachment or detachment
claiming a distraction without a stray.


There be The Exact Moment.

The thought of living  

the thought of prolonging

 the thought of extending

 the thought of lengthening

the thought of propounding

the thought of  stretching

after few decades say six

leads us to a delicate  fix

where there could be many kicks

accompanied by too many pricks

walking with the  help of the tsick

the mind goes out in a click’

and the memory in a flick

that459053726_640 should ensure a destination

there should be a full stop

there should be a peaceful sleep

that of a disappearance  into the infinity

the right time to get away

the exact moment to pass .










Passionate Dedication.

Having a passion 

which commands dedication

that goes with concentration

involving fully into designation

the love and feel overwhelms

passiongoing beyond the realms

that overcomes the  dreams

bordering around the cream

the intention breaks in directly

with an impulse  percolating  rightly

the interest jumps over radically

conjoining the passion with  a desire

coordinating both with love entire

the result being one of a possibility

that holds the attention of everyone intensely.












Growth Phenomenon

The desire in man grows horizontally.

The greed in him spgrowth and fallurts vertically.

With the desire and greed together he looks tall

unaware of the moment he is going to fall.


Passion Against Reason.

With an inborn liking for art

I go up and down the gallery

pretending to admire the  primary

adding each one to the wish cart

suppressing the desire to buy

as the spending mounts

and as the buying needs no urgency.

This liking drives me mad

with the mind refraining the buy

the heart promotes the purchase

torn between the dilemma

I stand helpless for a while

a conflict of reason over rhyme  arises

Reason being well based

with a rationality and validitypasson

whatever may be the authenticity

it could not overcome the passion

and I go on with my desire

not minding the monetary pressure.

placing myself once again in credit crunch

with a bulk buying in a bunch.