The Momentum

The day passes
with no trespasses
the weeks cross
with no flaws
the months fly
with nothing to try
the years roll
all in a whole
the life extends
with lot of distendlife extends
the life moves
under a secured roof
the life folds
finally nothing to hold.


There be The Exact Moment.

The thought of living  

the thought of prolonging

 the thought of extending

 the thought of lengthening

the thought of propounding

the thought of  stretching

after few decades say six

leads us to a delicate  fix

where there could be many kicks

accompanied by too many pricks

walking with the  help of the tsick

the mind goes out in a click’

and the memory in a flick

that459053726_640 should ensure a destination

there should be a full stop

there should be a peaceful sleep

that of a disappearance  into the infinity

the right time to get away

the exact moment to pass .