A Street Car

A street car named desire

could rout any of a liar

even in situations dire

wherever it be even in a shire

as it spirals up the entire

leaves nothing in the near

that be its power rather queer

would  bring a fall in a fear.






See A world.

The street I crossed through
seemed to bustle all true
shops of all kinds on either side
engaged in business of every kind
a hair dresser in a corner
a druggist next to him
could see a physician dispensing
the wholesaler very busy is in between
the grocer squeezed in an end
beside him issellur the mechanic
actively engrossed in his work
opposite to him is a house
with children playing
by the house there is a canal
through which all the sewage runs
dusty and polluted the street looks
yet life moves about in speed
Well! a street in itself is a world


The Street Walk

Into the streets I walk
find I there no stalk
let alone the vegetation
there is much pollution
there I find no greenery
Only they look very dreary
soot and black fog all around
congestion and crowd in the round
noise steers across in loud
the din causes a strange bound
there is activity commercial
transactions go ahead in official
the street walk is no more pleasant
there is no fun and at times not decent.street walk

Poem thoughts

A Street Hawker

street hawkerA street hawker named Jack
had things in a big pack
that hung on his back
while he went on his track
calling people to buy in a quack.

Quack he cried hoarsely
as his voice was roughly
like a cracked one horribly
breaking into high and low incidentally
sending an unpleasant tone awkwardly.

All that much for his voice
he had a knack of selling toys
by drawing the kids to a choice
of puppets and straw dolls in poise.
which they bought amidst great noise.